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Movie review: Minions Holiday Special

Omair Alavi|Published December 19, 2020

The best way to spend your holiday is with friends, and best friends are those who understand you better than your family. Through Minions Holiday Special you will not only get to meet Kevin, Stuart and Bob, but also spend some quality time with the Minions as they take you along on a journey where they do what they do best — make things worse, but with the right intentions.

This holiday special features four Minion short films that were released between 2013 and 2019. The first one Santa’s Little Helpers was released alongside The Grinch’s DVD and Blu-ray last year and has Kevin, Stuart and Bob wreak havoc at the North Pole. They were accidentally dropped there but conveniently tried to fit in as elves, a move that backfired. They were caught trying too hard and that’s where things went wrong.

In Training Wheels – that released with Despicable Me 2 DVD and Blu-ray — they build a superbike for Agnes so that she can catch up to the ice cream truck; but things go awry when a thief hijacks the truck and makes Agnes angry, very angry!

In Puppy — also released in Despicable Me 2 DVD and Blu-ray — one minion pets a UFO and has a great time with it, but when it becomes homesick, he sends the pet back to where it belongs, but not after spending some very happy moments with it. And finally, there are Minion Scouts that came out last year with The Secret Life of Pets 2, where a group of Minions tries their hand at being Scouts and not just fail to earn badges, but also destroyed the campsite!

These four mini-movies don’t have any message, but hey, who needs a message during the holidays! This less than half an hour ‘Minion Mania’ makes you laugh out loud uncontrollably, and that’s something that is missing from our lives. This is the best Minion offer this year until they arrive soon at a cinema near you with their next flick Minions: The Rise of Gru. With your favourite characters from Sing and The Secret Life Of Pets making a guest appearance here, you are destined to watch and enjoy these 20 minutes till the Minion sequel.

Published in Dawn, Young World, December 19th, 2020

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