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Book review: Dinosaur Infosaurus — Gigantic Dinosaurs

Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Published June 19, 2021

A lot has been written on dinosaurs, but many of the stuff that’s available, including films, has been for adults. That’s why either youngster self-learn about the gigantic animals that went extinct, or wait to grow up.

However, with Dinosaur Infosaurus –Gigantic Dinosaurs, you now have a chance to meet your favourite dinosaurs and find out what made them integral to the circle of life that existed before humans took over.

The large book may not be too thick, but the amount of information it provides is priceless. It has been categorised in such a way that you can choose your favourite kind of dinosaurs and start from that chapter. After all, given a choice, I would rather go for ‘Gentle Dinosaurs’ than ‘Sails and Spines’, or check out ‘Suit of Armour’ before ‘Clawed Creature’. We would want to know the good dinos before we venture into the strange ones, right?

No matter which chapter you opt for, every page has multiple dinosaur pictures and definitions; and if you find the pronunciation difficult, this book has a solution.

Each difficult dinosaur name is simplified on nearly every page, making it easy to understand and speak at the same time. Also, you will get to know that not all dinosaurs were meat lovers, there were a few that opted for plants, whereas a few ate whatever came their way, whenever it came their way!

This book will also introduce you to some dinosaurs who didn’t sleep particularly at night but constantly ate, some were as lengthy in size as three buses, and a few who weighed in at 70,000 kilograms!

Every dinosaur had a different mechanism when it came to eating, some swallowed their food, others chewed it and a few just did whatever they wanted. Not all of them were predators, and this book mostly covers the gigantic, but gentle ones, those who might have sat in the front row of a classroom!

How some of them with long necks survived in the world full of short in size and/or flying dinosaurs is what makes this book an enjoyable read. Add the bite-size infographic dino facts combined with awesome artwork and you have a sort of junior dinosaur encyclopaedia at your hands. Make use of it and impress your friends with the knowledge they don’t possess!

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