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Uncharted will take off screaming from an aircraft and land on Netflix

Written by Omair Alavi

Uncharted will be available on Netflix owing to a contract struck between Sony Pictures and the streaming giant last year.

  • Uncharted will be available on Netflix for US consumers on July 15th.
  • The film has grossed over $400 million in theatres, this will be its first time on streaming.
  • Tom Holland’s film recreates some of the PlayStation series’ classic sequences.

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After Disney, NBCUniversal, and Warner Bros. all indicated that the films they make will predominantly launch on their own streaming platforms, The app lost the option to host the streaming debut of a number of theatrical movies (Disney Plus, Peacock, and HBO Max, respectively.)

Sony was one of the few remaining big studios, and it agreed to re-release several of their films on the platform following their theatrical runs.

Morbius, a bomb at the box office that was brought back to cinemas by continuous memeing just to flop again, is also part of the transaction. I’m sure Netflix is looking forward to it being morbin’ time (since it already has enough challenges to cope with).

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Netflix will not be the only home for the slate of planned movies and series based on PlayStation titles, despite the contract and Uncharted’s impending release. While Sony is collaborating with Netflix on a Horizon Zero Dawn series, Twisted Metal will air on Peacock, and The Last of Us will premiere on HBO.

On the other hand, Netflix doesn’t like it when individuals exchange passwords, but there are other behaviours that can get you kicked off the service. Netflix has zero-tolerance for violators, and if you disobey the streaming giant’s regulations, you risk losing access to your account— or worse, being blacklisted.

Netflix just reported a 200,000-plus subscriber loss. The company is also intending to create new ad-supported subscription plans that will be less expensive than current subscription rates. Netflix does not want to lose any more subscribers, so avoid doing these three things if you want to keep your Netflix account safe.

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