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Book review: All About Bluey

Written by ceditor

Meet Bluey, the title character of the hit Australian preschool animated show, was declared the most streamed show on any platform recently. If you don’t know much about the character, don’t worry as All About Bluey enlightens its importance to you and shows you why kids relate more to her and her family than any other character.

This fun-shaped board book introduces the readers to the six-year-old blue heeler, who loves to play, explore and use her imagination to turn everyday life into an amazing adventure. Not only does it show you that being carefree is a blessing, but the way it presents Bluey’s habits is worth reading.

The book for all ages takes you into Bluey’s world where she (yes, Bluey is a female!) is shown to do fun things all day. You get to meet her caring parents and her younger sister Bingo, who loves to be a part of her adventures, even if they are imaginary. From organising games with her friends to playing the magic Xylophone, Bluey likes to be the centre of attention because of her limitless energy, which makes her popular both in the animated series world and beyond.

This illustrated book shows her wrestling with her father, playing hide and seek and forgetting stuff while performing the act, and hugging her mother, which is shown as one of her favourite things. The text has been written for those kids who aren’t into reading, but love looking at the pictures; going through this book will certainly make them curious.

Although Bluey might not be as old as other known animated series, but what it has achieved in the last six years is nothing short of an achievement. The reason behind its popularity is indirectly explained in this book, where she is presented as the kind of kid every parent wants. It also makes parents realise that if treated like Bluey, every kid can use his or her energy, enthusiasm and imagination for something constructive, and positive.

This book touches the tip of the iceberg regarding Bluey, because there is more to the character than meets the eye. Like this book, Bluey’s life is filled with fun, games and new adventures. Be like Bluey to live your life to the fullest and, who knows, your imagination might take you into a world where you can be anything and everything!

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