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Book review: We Are Super Heroes

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There are two kinds of superheroes, no matter which universe you are in — those who have made a habit of saving the world and those new to the job. DK’s Marvel We Are Super Heroes takes the readers into the world of the new brand of superheroes, most of whom are going through their training while learning the tricks of the trade on the job.

Written by Emma Grange, the book features 14 Marvel superheroes, who all have one thing in common — they like to protect people. Irrespective of their origin planet, these folks unite to fight for good, and this book does an excellent job of introducing them to you.

Every character here is labelled according to the reader’s taste; turn to the contents page, and your favourite superhero’s description will instantly appeal to you. If you love change, you are like Ms. Marvel, if you have big dreams, you might have something in common with Moon Girl, and if you are bold and adventurous, then America Chavez should be your pick.

The book’s superpower is coming up with a full-page illustration, accompanied by a write-up where each individual introduces themselves to the readers. While the new Spider-Man (the Miles Morales one) explains why he is different from the other Spider-Men, the fast-talking Squirrel Girl discloses why she is named so, and what her superpowers are.

How do these youngsters from different backgrounds, with varied personality traits, and contrasting tastes become dependable allies for the Avengers, and what do they do in their leisure time, this book tackles it all. The distinct qualities of each superhero are highlighted in these pages, thanks to the ‘I am…’ and ‘My hobbies’ segments that give you an insight into every character in this book.

That’s not all; intelligent individuals can learn to astonish friends like Brawn, while cool and kind-hearted ones can follow the path of Iron Heart. If you believe in teamwork instead of solo efforts, Jubilee is there for you, making it a perfect book for all of you.

Although DK’s Marvel We Are Super Heroes also features some of the senior superheroes, it’s because they have something new to offer to their fans. Be it Captain America, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Professor X, Hawkeye, or Black Panther, each one has a distinguishing quality that makes them different. Go through this book and be surprised to discover the similarities between yourself and your favourite superheroes; who knows you might be required to aid them in one of their adventures!

Omair Alavi – Dawn, Young World

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