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Top 10 of Everything!

Written by Omair Alavi

The ultimate book of top 10 movies is here … and it will blow your mind!

The ultimate book of top 10 movies is here … and it will blow your mind!

Everyone has a favorite movie list, and every owner of such a list believes that their list is the best in the world, and no one can come up with a better top 10 list than theirs. Thankfully, author Rob Hill has come up with a Top 10 Movie list that not only betters these self-proclaimed lists but also reasons with the readers why his list is better than theirs. It not only makes you realize that you are not on top of the world as you might have imagined and there is a lot to learn by just grasping the learnings these pages provide.

Let’s begin with the various lists this book has before comparing the merits and demerits of the contents of the list. After all, one must have immense knowledge of Hollywood flicks if one is to come up with the definitive book of lists for people interested in the same kind of films. One slip here and it all goes down but interestingly the book doesn’t lose its touch once because of the brilliance with which it was compiled.

The thing that keeps this book fresh and different is the author’s decision to not provide a list on the basis of the actors but on the basis of genres. That’s why there is no repetition in this book and every category has a different feel, and even begins differently. Since every other list begins with the actors playing the lead, the author has his own take as he introduces his list world to the readers through the Top 10 antiheroes. Not only does he select the best ten characters that have been portrayed in Hollywood, but he also gives his reasoning as well regarding why they deserve a place on this list.

He then raises the bar with every other list that follows including those celebrating sporting moments, discussing on-screen Families, best-ever heist attempts, film noir flicks, and so on. Trust me, your favorite actors would be found in abundance in these lists since it gives importance to all those who deserve applause and recognition. Where else would you find a list dedicated to Sidekicks (Minions included), villains, private investigators, and cops, while also talking about 80’s action flicks, biopics, time travel movies, and made-for-TV movies, all within a span of a few pages.

If you think that’s enough, think again because there are subcategories to many types of characters as well, although they aren’t mentioned as subcategories but as individual lists. Greedy bastards have their own Top 10, the 10 best Assassins get their own list, Femme Fatales and Gangsters get the respect they deserve whereas Womanizers are named and shamed.

Don’t be surprised if you find Peter Sellers’ twin roles in Dr. Strangelove in two different categories or the opening sequence of Gravity listed above ahead of its time’s visual effects of Terminator 2: Judgment Day or Jurassic Park, because the writer has mentioned why he has rated one over the other. Although doing so made him reveal some of the spoilers as well which might not go down well with those who are yet to see the films, especially in the ‘Twist Ending’ section. For those who aren’t fond of spoilers, there is the ‘Remake better than the Originals’ chapter where the newer Ocean’s Eleven gets mentioned instead of the original because of its smartness.

Talking of smartness, this book forgets that the readers might be smart in some places. I was cool reading the book until I found out that Dirty Harry wasn’t part of the Top 10 Cops list or that the author mentioned the car chases of Bullitt and The French Connection in the introduction rather than including them in the list. After all, had it not been for Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry or the aforementioned car chases that we might not have had so many inspired versions in the next five to six decades.

That’s why the notable omission category would have been ideal since that way the weakest entry in the top 10 could have ended up in that section and the more deserving ones would have found their rightful place. Even with such issues, this book makes you want to watch more and more films, or rewatch some of the classics to get an idea of what you might not have been able to grasp the first time around, due to external factors.

Dance scenes. Check. Worst Video Game Adaptations. Check. Shoot-outs. Check. Coolest Characters. Check. This is how this book works since it brings together all those characters, scenes, and films that must be on everyone’s to-watch list if they aren’t already familiar with them. Some of the readers might not agree with some of the rankings and would want their favorite film to be positioned higher, but for that the person criticizing should have either seen more films or have valid reasons to present his or her theory.

The all-color print of this mother of all lists makes it an exciting collector’s item whereas the information mentioned is nothing less than a treasure trove. Add to that the create your own list feature and you have something to add to this book as well. It will not only make you a master of films in no time but help you decide what to watch over the weekend, with your friends or with no other person in sight so you can better understand the reasons mentioned in this book about that film, that character or that genre.

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