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Sohail Haider returns to the stage after a seven-year hiatus

Written by Omair Alavi

The promising music composer and singer played a set of originals and covers that thrilled the audience in attendance.

It was an impressive display of musicianship and performance as music composer and vocalist Sohail Haider took the stage for the first time in seven years.

The Lux Style Award-winning artist was on fire as he sang his own compositions as well as paid tribute to legendary artists during a performance that lasted more than an hour.

It may not have been a huge venue but the auditorium at PACC (Pak American Cultural Center) was full of fans, friends and family members of Sohail Haider.

The most notable people in the crowd were actresses Dua Malik (Haider’s wife), Humaima Malick (sister in law), Feroze Khan as well as Ayaz Samoo, Kunwar Nafis – among others.

The star of the show, Sohail Haider, began proceedings with ‘Allah Ho’ followed by his own songs, most notably his first-ever solo ‘Pyaar Ho Jayega’ that released in 2008. It was good to listen to the romantic song that seemed to have made its debut a little over a decade ago. It was a time when music was alive and kicking in Pakistan.

After the prominent single, he sang several hits including ‘Paas Aake’ from Welcome To London, ‘Udaasiyan’ from Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay (sung by Mustafa Zahid in the film, composed by Sohail Haider), as well as ‘Na Jaa’ that won him an LSA last year.

Sohail also indulged in cover songs which were received well by the crowd. His ‘Dil Se’ might not have been as good as the original but it was an electrifying rendition nonetheless. ‘Ranjish Hi Sahi’ cover lightened the mood while a surprise rendition of Khaas OST (with Natasha Baig, dynamic in her one-song appearance) was a pleasant surprise. Natasha Baig did return to the stage at the end during ‘Damadam Mast Qalandar’ that brought the crowd to their feet. It was just the right end to a sold-out concert and a well-managed affair.

The crowd’s involvement in most of the songs, including shining lights from their cell phones or recreating dance moves from Udaasiyan was a sight for sore eyes. Presented by Laal Series, Sohail Haider Live was an enjoyable concert over all and another sign that music gigs are on the up and up.

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