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Phaans makes a comeback with unexpected twists and turns!

Written by Omair Alavi

Director Ahmed Kamran must be credited for resurrecting the HUM TV drama 


Phaans is finally moving in the right direction, the direction in which it began its journey. It is the same direction in which it was heading before unnecessary delays derailed it towards nonsense land. With Shahzad Sheikh leading the way, the HUM TV drama is catering to the thriller-deprived audience who want something extra from the dramas. It is after the big reveal that things have started moving at a fast pace, and one hopes that it will all end in the manner it is supposed to end.

The Story – Sahil finally reveals his true self to his mother!

Now that Nadia (Arjumand Rahim) knows the true identity of her son Sahil (Shahzad Sheikh), she decides to punish him by revealing his true identity. However, Sahil stays one step ahead of her and tells everyone in the house that his mother has gone nuts, and since it was said by Sahil, everyone accepted it. Except for his father Siraj (Ali Tahir) who knows about his son’s tendency to go weak in the knees. After a lot of debate, he discloses to his wife that Zeba (Zara Noor Abbas) isn’t Sahil’s first victim as there had been many before her who agreed to stay quiet. The two parents also seem to be on the same page when they sort of agree that Sahil should hurt no one else, even though they don’t agree on the future course of action.

On the other hand, Sahil goes to Zeba’s house to kill her but Samad (Sami Khan) reaches there in time to save her and then chases Sahil away but not before colliding with a car. Hashim (Zain Afzal) also develops a guilty conscience and wants the police to know that he was there when the assault took place. But the court acquits Sahil and blames Zeba for her false accusations, leading to a powerful showdown, where Sahil’s parents know the truth, the accuser knows the truth, and so does Sahil, but he still believes he is still fooling all those around him.

The Good – Shahzad Sheikh, Arjumand Rahim on top of their game!

The last two episodes belonged to none other than Arjumand Rahim and Shahzad Sheikh, two of the finest actors around. While the former uses all her experience to play the mother in disbelief, the latter breaks into the A league with the most challenging character of his career. Arjumand Rahim’s expressions are as always priceless as were her scenes with her husband played by Ali Tahir, where the two bond over a son they know has issues. As for Shahzad, the way he switches from a good boy into a bad boy is something only a talented actor can do easily. The mother-son scenes are the most electrifying of the drama where she knows that her son is the culprit but when he own family members don’t believe her, how will those in the court in law believe her.

So far, we all know that Zara Noor Abbas is not only a beautiful actress but a talented one who can carry any role no matter how challenging. The same can be said for Sami Khan who has played these kinds of roles on countless occasions, and wants to help Zeba to clear his name. However, the biggest surprise of these episodes is Zain Afzal who finally discloses the reasons behind his shut-up routine, and stands with Zeba despite his family’s objection. He plays Zeba’s confused ex-fiancé who was there when it all happened, and wants to stand with Zeba at all costs. He is also the only good thing in his house as his wife (Hira Khan) and mother (Farah Nadir) keep on repeating the same dialogues they have been delivering since the fifth episode.

Maryam Mirza also deserves praise for finally realizing her mistake and standing by her son for a change. And finally, there is Ali Tahir and the rest of the supporting cast who know that without them, the drama wouldn’t survive. Ali Tahir’s Siraj keeps changing the sides – from good too bad to good – and finally broke the silence when confronted with the truth. His electrifying chemistry with Arjumand Rahim makes you wonder how good it would have been, had they acted together when they were young!

The Bad – The biggest flaw could have been the biggest catch!

Before the big reveal, everyone is supposed to be a suspect, that’s how things work in films and dramas. After the twist, it all becomes clear as to why that person was behaving in such a way, and what the reasons were behind some act that the viewers considered random. However, in Phaans the big reveal came with weak reasoning. Now that everyone knows who the bad guy is, the previous episodes seem like a blur. Was he faking his attacks when he felt threatened; why didn’t he talk in his normal voice before the reveal and when did he start posing as a mental patient and why!

If Siraj knew that his son had issues, why was he the one found in the servant quarter and not the way around? Why was Sahil following him instead of him following Sahil? He knew Sahil’s issue, and loved him as well, so why didn’t he take the doctor into confidence? Shouldn’t he have been the one to ask for forgiveness from his wife than his wife wanting him to believe her? Let’s see how the drama unfolds because in order to apprehend Sahil, every character will have to be attentive, and alert.

And then there was the chase sequence that seemed to have been shot on an impulse than planned; not only did it remind the audience of the famous Shah Rukh Khan – Sunny Deol chase sequence in Darr, but it could also have been filmed in a better manner. Had it been choreographed like a proper chase sequence that would have elevated the drama’s standing and made it a trendsetting action drama than a drama with an action scene.

The Verdict – ‘How will Sahil fare’ is what keeps the audience involved!

In a country where the protagonist steals the show, whenever an antagonist is shown to be more powerful, ruthless, and deceptive than the opposition, he wins. Shahzad Sheikh takes the cake in Phaans with his constant switching from the harmless Sahil to the harmful one. How will his character fare, in the end, that’s the million-dollar question that the viewers want to be answered! Will his true self be revealed dramatically or will he get away with his antics, the audience wants to know if Zeba would get justice or not? That’s what makes them watch the drama, and they are hoping that somehow, Sahil gets punished for making a fool out of his family, and the audience at the same time.

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