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Book review; The Rise of Iron Man

Written by ceditor

There is more to Marvel Comics’ poster boy Iron Man than just an iron suit and gadgets; he also has an alter ego that is always busy inventing stuff to keep the world safe.

Michael Teitelbaum’s The Rise of Iron Man brings you the real story of the armour-clad superhero and discusses his adventures, besides the events that propelled the journey of a young Tony Stark toward becoming Iron Man.

Take this book as a guide to Iron Man’s legacy; it not only brings the film viewers on the same page as comic book lovers, but also lets them understand why Iron Man was necessary to maintain peace around the globe. It also makes the readers realise that superheroes aren’t flawless and could have flaws, which wasn’t the case before Iron Man came onto the scene.

By exposing Tony Stark’s vulnerabilities, this book brings you one step closer to a relatable superhero who needed friends to succeed, battled supervillains and personal problems, stood for the right things and always accepted his mistakes, if he made one. It also brings the correct origin story of Iron Man to the fore, and yes, both the film and the comic book versions feature Dr Ho Yinsen, who was instrumental in helping Tony Stark escape from his captors.

The book not only gives you a sneak peek into the inventions that Tony Stark has in his arsenal, but it also lets you meet his non-superhero friends, superhero allies, foes and inventions like Jarvis and Ultron. If you didn’t know who Crimson Dynamo is, where Natasha Romanova met Tony Stark for the first time, or why Iron Man left Avengers for Force Works, then you need to get your hands on this book.

If you found the two Captain Americas fighting each other in Avengers: Endgame exhilarating, be ready for a surprise in the ‘Stark versus Iron Man’ chapter. On the whole, The Rise of Iron Man is a tribute to the superhero’s legacy which wouldn’t have been possible had there not been the stunning photographs from the comic books, as well as the lively illustrations and the additional information on the side-lines of each page.

The easy-to-understand text is also likely to keep you interested in this book from start to finish; even the glossary at the very end is a treasure trove where you can learn the meaning of many new words. Go and spend some time with Iron Man, and learn what it takes to be a superhero!

Omair Alavi – Dawn, Young World

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