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Book review: Paw Patrol — Pups Save Ryder’s Robot

Written by ceditor

Paw Patrol is back but this time in the form of a book, titled Pups Save Ryder’s Robot. In the book, based on an already aired episode of the hit animated show, you would not only be able to meet the entire gang but read about one of their exploits in which they saved their city from one of their own.

The story revolves around a new addition to the gang, Robo-Dog, who goes rogue after damaging itself in an attempt to save Marshall in a race that was supposed to decide who is the fastest of ‘em all. After damaging its antenna, Robo-Dog goes out of control and runs into the city to wreak havoc, resulting in a distress call from Mayor Goodway to Ryder.

How the Paw Patrol plan to stop Robo-Dog and save their city Adventure Bay is what is described well in these pages with the help of images taken from the episode where the action took place. Yes, more pictures would have helped, but that’s where the narration comes into use, since it makes up for the action that isn’t shown due to the lack of space.

If you are a Paw Patrol fan, then you would know exactly who the members of the gang are and what are their specialties; if you aren’t familiar with Ryder and his gang, then this book will be the perfect way to take a ride into the world of Ryder and his search and rescue dogs featuring Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Rubble and Zuma.

The adventure not only instills the importance of teamwork in your mind but also educates you about the dangers of new stuff you buy or get as a gift. In its novel way, it explains to the readers that before unveiling a toy you aren’t familiar with, you must make sure that you read the instructions or ask a grown-up for guidance so that by the time you share it with your friends, you are in command, not the toy.

Add to that the fact that Pups Save Ryder’s Robot is very easy to read, and understand makes it a very good addition to your bookshelf. Trust me, your friends would love to read it aloud with you, in the characters’ accents if they are Paw Patrol fans like you. Otherwise, you can turn them into new fans with just one simple read!

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