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Book review: Mega Bites: Flight — The Trials and Triumphs of Air Pioneers

Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Published December 12, 2020

Man has been fond of flying ever since he realised that it could be achieved; however, flying became a reality as recent as 1903, when the Wright Brothers finally cracked the ‘wright’ method. Since then, flying has developed from a tried and failed mode to travel to the safest mode of travel and today, every one of us, thanks the Wright Brothers and their successors for their efforts.

Reg Grant’s Flight — the Trials and Triumphs of Air Pioneers talks about the journey where many lost their lives, got injured, but persisted to provide the future generations a time-saving mode of travel.

In this book, he begins his discussion from myths and early efforts to the many attempts that helped Wright Bros understand the basics of flying. You would be surprised to know how early aeroplanes were different from the ones we travel in, how passengers travelled in the early days and what weird tactics were used to lure people towards travelling, all through this book.

Important facts are mentioned in colourful boxes throughout the book that covers the evolution of flight from the days of early airplanes to the development of helicopters and finally, space shuttles that have enabled man to venture out in the universe.

With many images of different kinds of airplanes and fighter jets, this book details everything relevant to air travel. If you didn’t know what ‘Ships of the Air’ means and why the ‘Air Ships’ idea was discontinued, you will have to read this book. Also, the evolution of airports, space travel and breaking the sound barrier might entice the readers, who can easily choose the chapter of their choice, if they are in a hurry to learn. Otherwise, the chronological reading will best serve the purpose for those who like to sit back, read and absorb the received information.

The Historic Moments in Flight chapter in the Reference Section as well as the Heroes of Aviation chapter summarise the book if you have already gone through it once. Then there is the Flight Glossary that makes you understand the technical terms mentioned throughout the book while the list of Flight Websites at the end can help you stay updated regarding the happening in the aircraft world.

The author must be congratulated for collecting information from around the world and for presenting it in a way that is not just interesting but easy to understand and appreciate.

Published in Dawn, Young World, December 12th, 2020

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