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Book review: Disney Pixar Cars: Three Tales Of Speed

Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Published August 15, 2020

Everybody’s favourite racing car Lightning McQueen is back and this time he is not alone; in Disney Pixar’s Three Tales of Speed, Lightning McQueen and his friends appear in as many as three adventures.

They help each other whenever they are in trouble, they teach others to always do the right thing and that’s why they win friends even when they lose.

In the first adventure Cars, you get to know who Lightning McQueen is and how he befriends Mater, Doc and the townsfolk of Radiator Springs. Not only that, you learn a lot through the story such as not taking everything at face value, helping people in need and becoming a hero with a good deed than by just winning.

In the second adventure Racing Days, two racing schools decide to race to find out which one is the better one. The difference between Doc’s school and the opposing one is that Doc teaches to be fair, the other school teaches to cheat. There is no point for guessing who wins the best-of-three races!

And the third adventure Rally to the Finish, is a horror story. Not that it will scare you, but it manages to scare Mater who gets spooked after looking at a scary tree. How does that scary tree help the other racers in giving more than their 100 percent is what makes this story and the entire book worthy of a read. Don’t be surprised by the word repetitions here, because they are here for a reason. And that reason is not just round but it comes in the form of an audio CD!

With this audio CD, this book becomes a three-in-one listen-along reader. If you feel too lazy to read, you can play the CD (or ask a grown up to do so) and then surf through the images to understand what’s going on. With the text being already summarised and presented in short and simple sentences, you will be able to enjoy the amazing illustrations, without bothering to read.

So if you want to race with Lightning McQueen and friends, race along with the good guys. Ready, steady and go!

Published in Dawn, Young World, August 15th, 2020

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