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Book review: Batman and Robin Save the Day!

Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Published June 13, 2020

Batman and Robin have saved Gotham City hundreds of times, but this time it’s different. In this adventure, the dynamic duo gets to battle with the dangerous Killer Croc, who wants to return to his human self. His plan includes abducting a doctor, breaking into a hospital and then using the antidote to regain his old self. However, he forgot to add two things to the equation – Batman and Robin – who had multiple tricks up their sleeves for the encounter.

Does Killer Croc manage to regain his former self or does Batman send him to his rightful place (the Arkham Asylum, where else!), read this book to find out the answer. It is different from the many other Batman and Robin adventures that you may have read in the past. There is more to view here than to read and when the World’s Greatest Detective and his sidekick are involved, that’s something to look forward to. From the Batcave where our superheroes first heard about the crime to the doctor’s office, from the General Hospital to the city sewers, this adventure takes you to different places, both above the ground and below it.

And that’s not all, Batman gets to fight real crocodiles down below and wins the battle with his wits than strength. Only Batman could have done that and save the day. However, Boy Wonder Robin wasn’t far behind. It was initially his idea to go into the sewers and it is his quick thinking that helped end the adventure on a victorious note. He isn’t just a sidekick in this adventure but an equal partner, something that will cheer his fans.

Every page in this book features the DC Superheroes as if you were watching an animated adventure, leaving it more to your imagination than reading. If you have a friend or sibling who is more interested in reading the adventure more than you, then don’t worry. The book caters to both the non-readers and the readers, and makes you understand how the Caped Crusader rid the city sewers of the rotten reptile. The narration is ideal for kids your age who prefer action over words and this book provides exactly that. Here, the illustration is the real superhero as it’s both top-notch and eye-catchy. If you don’t feel the power of Batman’s punch or Robin’s kick, then clear your mind and imagine again. It’s there to be found, for those who want to find it!

Published in Dawn, Young World, June 13th, 2020

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