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Book review: The Lion Guard — Unlikely Friends

Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Published June 27, 2020

If you think that a book can either entertain you or educate you, think again! The Lion Guard – Unlikely Friends both educates and entertains you with its powerful message, impressive visuals and colourful presence.

Even if you are not a fan of ‘The Lion Guard’ series (which is unlikely), this book has all the ingredients to convert you into a fan. After all, the son of Simba, The Lion King, could do no wrong!

The book follows the adventures of Kion and The Lion Guard, who are shown chasing Janja and his crew of hyenas into the Outlands.

However, due to some freak accident, the leader of the Lion Guard slips and falls down into the river, emerging in the very Outlands, away from his friends. While trying to navigate his way back, Kion gets lost and is helped by an ‘unlikely friend’ — a Hyena named Jasiri. Not only do Kion and Jasiri become friends during their journey, but they also help each other out when the other lands in trouble.

There are a few messages hidden in this book for you to find. First of all, this story tells you that there are always two sides to a coin, and Jasiri’s being the good hyena was one such example. Also, you should help friends no matter what the cost; who knows they might return the favour when the chips are down for you.

Since Jasiri helped Kion when he was in trouble, the leader of the Lion Guard returned the favour when his new friend was being bothered by her fellow hyenas.

The book not just introduces the readers to the other members of the Lion Guard — Fuli the Cheetah, Bunga the Honey Badger, Ono the Egret and Beshte the Hippo — but the animals they protect their home from.

Fans of the Lion King might remember that it was the hyenas who helped in dethroning Kion’s grandfather Mufasa, and they being the bad guys here is understandable too. But hey, there is one hyena who is cut by a different cloth, and this book makes you realise that, among other things.

There is another thing that is special about this book too — the Pre-1 Level makes it all the more ideal for you to read. The simple sentences and easy vocabulary helps you understand what is going on, both in these pages and beyond. The colourful visuals are a treat for the eyes and will help you and your friends get accustomed to the animated series that has taken the legacy of the Lion King forward.

Published in Dawn, Young World, June 27th, 2020

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