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Book review: Disney Pixar Storybook Collection

Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Published June 6, 2020

Watching an animated film may be a great experience, but what about those who are interested in reading the story of the movie than watching it?

Disney Pixar Storybook Collection brings to you as many as six of your favourite Disney Pixar flicks in the form of text and illustrations, helping you understand the plot, story and the morale in a better way!

Before you start reading this book, make a list of top five animated flicks that you have seen. Then ask your friends to do the same and when you all have a combined list, only then open this book. Although the cover may have revealed which animated flicks feature in the book, the art is to keep it to yourself before telling your friends why you need the list from them. Make it all the more interesting, so that when they read the book with you, they are as surprised as the rest of the gang. It wouldn’t matter much if you act surprised with them instead of showing off that you knew!

The first story in this book revolves around the characters from animated flicks Cars; how Lightning McQueen became a better race car, how he befriended his new pit crew and won hearts if not the Piston Cup. Monsters University revolves around Mike and Sulley’s relationship and how their friendship did wonders for them.

Then there is the story of Finding Nemo where Marlin sets out to find his son Nemo and is helped in his quest by many others including Dory and the Tank Gang. Although Brave and Up weren’t as big as the other animated flicks, their stories are worth your while because it not just summarises the films, but teaches you a lot of things about life.

However, the best story of the book features Andy’s toys and if you haven’t guessed the film, it’s the best one in the Toy Story series — Toy Story 3. You might know the film’s plot, the twists and the end, but the way this book covers it is bound to bring tears in your eyes — if you have parted away with your toys. If you haven’t, then it prepares you for the future where one day you will have to pass on your prized possession to the next generation and the best way to be prepared is to make sure that you don’t forget what Andy did.

What makes this book an ideal read for you and your friends is its simplified text, its lively pictures and, most importantly, it’s concise way of bringing down the two-hour movie to a few pages. Add the variation of characters and you will get to read new stories here than old ones.

And since when it comes to Disney stories, no one can read just one, so make the most of it and read these stories with your friends, or when you want to take a trip down the Disney Pixar world!

Published in Dawn, Young World, June 6th, 2020

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