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Avatar – The Way of Water: The Visual Dictionary

Written by Omair Alavi

Dive into the depths of Avatar: The Way of Water expand find out unrevealed details behind the most visually striking cinematic experience

Dive into the depths of Avatar: The Way of Water expand find out unrevealed details behind the most visually striking cinematic experience

It might seem like a tie-in book for the super-successful sequel to an uber-successful film, but Avatar: The Way of Water – The Visual Dictionary is more than just another book. It takes the readers into the world of the Avatar sequel which is currently running successfully in cinemas all over the world. The book shows that director James Cameron not only put his heart and mind into making the film but also his soul because that’s what made the film stand out from many other recent releases. If you want to dive into the depths of Avatar: The Way of Water then this definitive guide is your go-to book.

With a foreword by renowned actress and Avatar alumni Sigourney Weaver, Avatar: The Way of Water: The Visual Dictionary is a treasure trove of information. Created in close collaboration with James Cameron, the visionary director behind the franchise, and written by experts who actually worked on the film, this guide is a perfect gift for Avatar fans, no matter how old they are. It not only features the names and details of the protagonist, the antagonist, and others in between, but it is also packed with stunning details that weren’t revealed elsewhere.

Through this guide, you will be able to meet the next generation of Jake Sully and Neytiri’s family, especially the mysterious Kiri who will for sure be a central character in the next films. You will be able to discover a new species that isn’t found on our planet but also explore Pandora’s oceans which seemed nonexistent in the last film. Add to that, the latest RDA vehicles including the ships, the return of an enemy who seemingly had perished in battle, and the inner workings of Bridgehead City where the sky people operate and you have a book that will surely keep you awake for some time.

If you didn’t know the exact details regarding Pandora, the year the first war took place, the reasons why humans were so adamant about taking over Pandora, and how did the two species evolve between the first and second films, then you must have this visual guide in your possession. Not only does it talk at length about the characters, but also the creatures, the vehicles, the weapons, the locations as well as the new allies and foes from the latest Avatar flick.

The book is divided into several chapters and while the first one deals ideally with Jake Sully and his family, the second one talks about the Omatikaya clan and their way of life. In both chapters, you get to know everything there is to know about the residents of Pandora and even if you have watched the film, the details mentioned here will make your day. Who are Jake’s family members and how are they different from each other, what do the members of Omatikaya clan eat, where do they reside (or hide), and what is Spider’s story who seems to be the one who links the Sully family and the few humans left in Pandora, this is what is discussed in these chapters.

The third chapter is the most important one in the book since it discusses The RDA aka the Resources Development Administration. Everything from their Landing Module to their Shipyard factory that uses 3D printing to construct things, gets a mention in this chapter. Many things that might have seemed confusing to the audience while watching the film were made unconfusing in these pages including the new technology that can track your brain function as well as the current Expeditionary Force Commander General Frances Ardmore and her toys, as Sully would like to call them.

Don’t be surprised to see Colonel Quartich’s name being mentioned here in the fourth chapter titled The Recom Program, especially since he met his fate in the last Avatar. He is here in the form of an avatar but with the same mission, to kill Jake Sully and aid the RDA in conquering Pandora. It doesn’t matter whether he succeeds or not, what matters is the technology that he has at his disposal which dominated the next chapter titled RDA Vehicles. After all, who doesn’t want to know about the S-76 Seadragon that is designed to hunt Pandora’s whale-like tulkun. How the Matador and Picador (other vehicles) support the bigger ship and why Mako Submersible and Crab Suit are vital for the ‘hunt’ is exactly what this chapter will tell you.

And if you are fortunate enough to watch Avatar: The Way of Water, then you might have questions regarding Jack Sully’s new allies who help him in his hour of need. These folks – the Metkayina Clan – are basically the Reef people who reside around the water in Pandora. Who is their leader, how are they connected to the tulkuns and how are they different from the tribe Sully’s family belongs to, this chapter clears up all the misconceptions you might have had. Last but not least, the seventh and final chapter of the book The Ocean takes you from land to sea, where you get to meet the Tulkuns who are integral to the film’s plot as well as other animals.

The beauty of this book is the illustrations, the pictures, and the attention to detail which covers every aspect of the successful flick, and makes the readers realize that there was a reason why James Cameron took so long to come up with the sequel. He didn’t want to return with a half-baked project and that’s why he invested all his energies into the film, and this guide is proof of his dedication and his vision which is second to none.

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