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Absolutely everything about about DC Comics

Absolutely everything about about DC Comics
Written by Omair Alavi

Before you go and watch Black Adam in the cinema, read the book DC – Absolutely Everything You Need to Know and equip yourself with ultimate DC knowledge to enjoy the flick fully

Life is a mixture of good and evil, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the world of DC Comics is anything different. In DC – Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, the readers will find out that the superheroes in the DC Universe are as important as the supervillains, and there is a method to their madness (in the case of superheroes, goodness!) that keeps the fans busy, in both a good and a bad way.

Through this extremely well-researched, impressively illustrated, and beautifully presented guide, you will get to know everything about DC Comics, their heroes, villains, and their alliances. It is different from other books on comic book characters because, for one, it has so much information that it would take more than a sitting to consume it all. Secondly, it makes you understand that Marvel wasn’t the one that had the better heroes, DC did it first and Marvel simply followed them blindly.

The book Absolutely Everything You Need to Know doesn’t just only entertain the readers but also takes them on a trip down memory lane from where no one wants to return, because so much happens ‘down there’. It not only caters to the younger fans of DC Comics but also the older ones who might think they know everything, when in fact they only think they do. Pick up the book and know everything DC without leaving your chair.

This book is divided into five chapters – Characters, Teams, Science and Magic, From Here to Eternity, and The Multiverse – and every page is jam-packed with eye-popping revelations and fast facts. If you don’t know the origin of a specific hero, superheroine or supervillain, then all you have to do is go to the specific section featuring him, and the knowledge will fall into your lap, making you wiser than before.

In Characters, the first section deals with Superheroes, the next with Supervillains. Although it might seem odd, nearly every hero and villain have a tragic story that either compelled them to follow the path of the good or be part of the bad league. This chapter is the one where you familiarize yourself with the good, the bad, and the ugly characters of DC Comics.

In contrast, the Teams chapter discusses Superhero and Supervillain teams, and if you thought that Justice League had no equal, then think again. You might be in for a shock because the villains have joined hands so many times to defeat the good guys that many have lost count. In the chapter titled Science and Magic, characters following science fall in the first section, and those believing in magic are part of the second one. From fantastic weapons, and futuristic technology to black magic and riddles, everything from the good and bad sides of DC Universe gets mentioned here.

In the last two chapters, From Here to Eternity and The Multiverse, the readers get to know about locations like Metropolis, Gotham City, and Paradise Island, and strange planets like Krypton, as well as about the Crisis on different Earths. Those familiar with the many Crises faced by DC Characters might find the last chapter quite interesting, while for the rest, the exotic locations would be enough. After all, what’s the harm in knowing about different places that might not exist in the real world, it would be great to visit if there was a way to visit such places.

Not only does the book answer questions you might have about the characters that are part of the DC Universe but also brings facts that you had no idea about. What if I told you that there is a specific reason why Batman doesn’t use guns, that Lois and Clark met long before they worked in Daily Planet or that there are ten different kinds of arrows in Green Arrow’s arsenal, each with a specific mission … no, you would have to read it to believe it.

Similarly, if you didn’t know that despite his appearance, The Penguin is quite intelligent, Black Adam’s real name is Teth Adams or that Poison Ivy is friends with Harley Quinn because they both are crazy of the same level, then you need to lay your hands on this book. After all, where else would you find Mr. Mxyzptlk’s trickiest tricks or the name of the villain who revealed to Superman that he came from a distant planet named Krypton. Interesting, isn’t it?

On the whole, this book is something that should be part of your library, because it is filled with fun facts, incredible information, and tantalizing trivia about everyone and everything in the DC Comics Universe. From well-known superheroes like Superman and Batman to little-known villains like Swamp Thing and Crimson Centipede, this book covers it all. The out-of-this-world design, the brilliant illustrations, and in a few places the double-page feature not only adds reality to the narrative but also present the entire 8 decades of DC Universe in a way it deserves to be presented. -Ends

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