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Book review: Cars Storybook Collection

Omair Alavi|Published April 25, 2020

When Disney and Pixar released the first Cars flick, they might have had an idea that it would do well at the box office. However, when the film exceeded their expectations, they decided to make a franchise out of it, and Cars Storybook Collection is part of that franchise.

The book features the adventures of Lightning McQueenand his friends including the story where they met for the first time under unexpected circumstances. Who were the folks behind Lightning McQueen’s comeback and changed his perception of both life and racing, that’s what the first story of this book tells us.

There are five more stories besides the origin story that revolve around the inhabitants of Radiator Springs, as they try to change the readers’ perception regarding many things.

In Red’s Tune-up Blues, you get to know the importance of regular visits to doctors; Ka-ch0WW! teaches the readers why they should listen to the advice from elders; Al’s Sky High Adventure tells you that no matter how insignificant you might think you are, there is always something that you can do better than others.

In the next two stories Blue Ramone and Sarge’s Boot Camp, you get to learn the importance of being yourself and as well as there is nothing impossible in life when you are surrounded by friends.

There are other hidden messages in the book that only you can find out during reading; what makes it a wonderful read are the quality of the pictures as well as the to-the-point sentences, without distracting the readers much. There is a lot of action in these pages, from the action on the race track or in the desert, there is even a story featuring ‘a bird’s eye view’, and a trip to a Boot Camp.

The best one is, however, the first one which is a summarised version of the first Cars movie and takes the readers into a nostalgic mode, because of its amazing storyline, brilliant characters, and moral values.

All the characters from the Cars franchise are present in this book, and if you can read their dialogues in their accents, you might have the time of your life. After all, everyone knows how Doc talks, why Mater isn’t taken seriously and why Lightning McQueen thought so highly of himself before he met the gang. Add to that an interest in cars and racing, and this book might make your day, and night, during these days of isolation. Who knows, it might end up as your new ‘bes’ friend?

Published in Dawn, Young World, April 25th, 2020

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