501 reasons to begin your year differently

Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Instep|January 12, 2020

Your 2020 New Year resolution can include reading and watching some of the best cinema ever made… what are you waiting for?

We’ve already stepped into the year 2020 but it’s never too late to make a New Year resolution, especially if it involves reading. And if you’re a wannabe movie buff, then there is no better way than to grab 501 Must-See Movies and start your year with films that you must-see, if you haven’t seen them already. This collection of 501 best movies from mostly Hollywood, and European cinema is an essential read for both, those who live movies and those who don’t.

Even if you are someone who simply enjoys watching movies, this book is a one-stop guide because it makes you realize that there are a lot of films that you haven’t seen and should go for. The new year is the best time to find out that there were science fiction films before The Matrix, Cowboy Westerns have a rich history and Unforgiven wasn’t the first Western ever made; Forrest Gump carries the legacy of many similarly themed dramatic films and that War Films aren’t a new phenomenon, as the world has been at war before there were films.

This collection of the best ever movies is divided into ten genres, with each genre containing fifty films, except for one. It covers films from the silent era, black and white days to modern-day flicks and all films are placed appropriately in Action/Adventure & Epic, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Musical, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thriller, War and Western categories. Thankfully, all films appear in chronological order with a synopsis of the plot, cast and crew details, nominations and awards won by that film (if any) and a little insider’s knowledge regarding the times when the film was produced, if there were any issues during the making and how it performed at the box office when it was released. Interesting, isn’t it?

You’ll learn (if you didn’t already know) that Doris Day got the lead role in Move Over, Darling due to Marilyn Monroe’s death and Clint Eastwood’s first major role in a contemporary movie was that of Dirty Harry. Jack Lemmon insisted on being partnered with Walter Matthau for The Fortune Cookie and Some Like It Hot was the best drag comedy before Tootsie came along. Then there’s the fact that Tron wasn’t nominated for its Costume and Sound Design because, in those days, CGI was considered cheating. This book has more than 501 anecdotes regarding films and the older they are, the more interesting they seem because of the lack of technological advancements.

501 Must-See Movies updates every year as well and old flicks are replaced with new ones (if there are any) in the new edition. Yes, many of your personal favorites might not feature in this list of 501 Movies but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth it. The ones that have made it here have been compiled by the best entertainment writers in the world. Every chapter has been delegated to the entertainment journalist who is an expert in that genre, and the text shows that the contributors knew what they were writing about. Each film is either accompanied by a full-page still from the movie or the poster, adding authenticity to the book. When the book was first compiled, there wasn’t any sign of Netflix, but with this collection in your lap, you can even use the digital platform intelligently, and become a movie buff in no time.

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