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Why Sana Javed’s Amal is the most evil character on TV right now!

Written by Omair Alavi

She started Dunk as a victim but is now making life hell for others 


Every society has the good folks and the bad folks but the most dangerous are the ones who pose as well-wishers but are in reality worse than the worst. Sana Javed’s Amal in Dunk belongs to the third category for she kept her parents, her fiancé, her in-laws, and above all, the viewers in the dark about her intentions, and delivered the blow when everyone was beginning to trust her. Damn you, woman. Even I was feeling sad for Amal, before her face-off with Haider where she revealed her true colors!

Amal turned from ‘allegedly assaulted’ into ‘undeniable assaulter’ within minutes!

‘Faster than the speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive’ is one way to describe the speed of Sana Javed’s transformation from Amal the allegedly assaulted to Amal the undeniable assaulter. For her parents, her in-laws, and her husband, she is one of the most devoted persons in the world but only Haider knows that her devotion is just a facade. He refrains from exposing her to the world because he doesn’t want to make himself guiltier, and that’s where he errs because now she is making sure that she makes his life a living hell. From making him marry their best friend to telling him point blankly that she is out to get him, Sana Javed’s Amal is a winner.

The twist wouldn’t have been this ‘twisted’ had there been another actress!

Every actor is comfortable at playing a certain kind of a role; some are good at handling comedy better than others while many are at ease playing victims. Sana Javed has excelled playing a victim be it in Khaani, Ruswai and Darr Khuda Se. The last time she played a twisted person was in Zara Yaad Kar in 2016, but after Mere Paas Tum Ho, people seem to have forgotten how cruel Mahnoor was to her husband and his family. Through Dunk she takes back the throne from Ayeza Khan’s Mehwish as the most hated character and delivers a perfect performance. Had there been some other actress in her place, the twist wouldn’t have twisted the inside of the audience who were expecting her to try and be friends with her friend-turned-sister-in-law, but she had no intention of doing that.

Sana Javed takes her time, before unleashing her wrath!

She might have been at her weakest when she begged Haider to forgive her in an earlier episode, but Sana Javed’s kept her cool, planned ahead, and returned with the same vengeance that Haider (Bilal Abbas) displayed earlier. The way she unveiled her planning, her future itinerary, and her intentions took villainy to another level. To display such an attitude in front of an actor who was doing the same thing in Cheekh a couple of years back required a lot of confidence and Sana Javed showed that she is in no way less than anyone. Many were hoping for a reconciliation between the two former love birds but now it seems that the game is on and whoever manages to stay one step ahead of the other, would end up as the winner. So far, Amal is winning, and Haider needs to overtake her in any way possible.

Amal proves herself to be the Queen of Confrontations!

‘Hum Dono Akele Hain Kamre Main; Darwaza Lock Hai’ while this dialogue would appear in the next episode, it was teased in the promo and shows that Amal is ‘evil reincarnate’! From the scene where she told the professor (Naumaan Ijaz) that she knows that he is innocent to the one where she revealed her true intentions to Haider, Sana Javed has been nothing short of explosive. The way she expresses her plans with her eyes, her ‘moves’ outside Haider’s room, and the way she makes him feel inferior in his own house, is something that you don’t see in TV dramas these days. Will she succeed or will she not, that’s a question for another day, but so far she seems to be winning the one-sided match!

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