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Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Published September 29, 2018

If ‘Life Is Like A Hurricane’ sounds familiar to you, then you must surely be aware of those Ducks that are adventure-loving, a magnet for trouble and love treasure hunting.

They are Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Huey, Louie and Dewey, and their adventures are chronicled in Disney’s Duck Tales where they try to keep the world safe from evil things that are out there because of them.

For those who know about these ducks from Duckburg, this paragraph holds no importance. However, for potential fans, it’s extremely important to know that the world’s richest duck, Scrooge McDuck, is Donald Duck’s uncle and the great uncle to Donald’s nephews Hubert, Dewford and Llewellyn aka Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Just like in Quack Pack, these three are differentiated by their characteristics and that’s what makes the plot interesting. Add the housekeeper, Mrs Beakley, her granddaughter Webby and the accident-prone Launchpad McQuack and you have a family that can defeat anyone or anything.

In this reboot series of Duck Tales, you get an extremely well-scripted 23 episodes — the premiere and finale being one-hour long — with a back-story about the Triplets’ mother Della Duck, Donald’s Twin Sister that will keep you glued to your screens. Unlike the 1987 series, this one has better animation, bigger storylines and villains who want to empty Scrooge’s Money Bin as well as his Number One Dime. But Scrooge being Scrooge, along with his family, he always emerges as victorious inspiring the youngsters to live dangerously!

The series starts with an accident to Donald’s ship after which the kids move to Duck Manor to be with their estranged Great Uncle. Here, they make Scrooge McDuck realise how much he missed having adventures and it is from there that they form a gang that loves tackling troubles. Be it meeting fellow rich ducks, saving the world from Gyro’s experiments, battling the Beagle Boys or meeting Scrooge’s parents (you read it right!), Duck Tales takes you on a journey that you hope might never end.

The one-liners, in particular, are the highlights of the series and the writers must be commended for their versatility as every character has some positive or negative and that shows in their monologues. Some of the characters from the original series make their way here too, but not like you expected, except for Launchpad who loves to crash whatever vehicle he is in and Webby who is obsessed with the history of the Duck Family. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to Mrs Beakley too and be ready for her surprise transformation during the series.

So if you love adventure, trouble and magic, this series is for you. And remember, these Ducks don’t back down — Woo-oo!!

Published in Dawn, Young World, September 29th, 2018

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