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Saat Din, Mohabbat In – the perfect Eid vehicle

Written by Omair Alavi

By Omair Alavi They say that a trailer tells you exactly how good or a bad the film is going to be; the makers of 7 Din Mohabbat In would like to disagree because they came up with a wonderful film…

SAMAA | Omair Alavi – Posted: Jun 16, 2018 |

By Omair Alavi

They say that a trailer tells you exactly how good or a bad the film is going to be; the makers of 7 Din Mohabbat In would like to disagree because they came up with a wonderful film this Eid, the trailer of which disappointed big time. They could have kept the best parts of the film hidden from the audience or were in a hurry, whatever the reasons, the net result was a wonderful film that will entertain you and take you into the world of disbelief, only to make you a believer.

The Plot

Tipu (Sheheryar Munawwar) is a loser who can’t get a girl, lives with his paralyzed mother and is in love with his cousin Neeli (Mahira Khan) who lives with them. However, girls don’t find him attractive because of his appearance and his goofy attitude to life. Everything changes one day when a ‘good-looking jinni’ Dwarka Prasad (Jawed Sheikh) enters his life and gives him an ultimatum – either make a girl fall in love with him or be his slave for eternity. With the help of Tingu Master (Danish Maqsood), Tipu goes on a journey of self-discovery only to find out that Dwarka is always one step ahead of him. Will he be able to transform into a faulad from faluda or will Naseer Kankatta (Aamir Qureshi) make Neeli his wife with no chance for Tipu. Watch the film to know more.

The Good

The film belongs to our very own chocolate hero Sheheryar Munawwar who goes from a commando (in Project Ghazi) to a dumbo in 7DMI. He looks every bit the loser he is supposed to be and despite trying hard doesn’t get the girls which is totally opposite of what happens to him in real life. And when he transforms, he transforms well into the macho guy we all envy. He has as many as three girls to choose from and all three – Mahira Khan, Mira Sethi and Amna Ilyas – excel beyond expectations. Be it the character of Neeli who loves watching Morning Shows and reading digests, Mira Sethi who speaks nothing but English and Punjabi or Amna Ilyas who is a modern woman with a dislike for men, all three share the spotlight with Sherry’s Tipu. However, no one can beat Jawed Sheikh’s more-than-a-dozen appearances in the film and whenever he is on the screen, it is only he who will be seen. Not since Na Maloom Afraad has he done a comedy this well and this performance of his will get him yet another award for sure. Aamir Qureshi also breaks the jinx of being a flop actor by playing Kankatta convincingly and exiting the cinema to roars of ‘Kankatta, Kankatta’ which proves how much his antagonistic character was liked by the audience.

The Bad

The film has a number of quality songs but despite the Qawwali and Ali Sethi – Aima Baig romantic ballad, you don’t take back others home. The item song on possibly the most beautiful transgender you will ever see (Rimal Ali) could have been edited out because neither did it have the spark nor seemed well-thought; if they had issues with the song, the makers could have changed the scenario but they didn’t and no one can blame them. The first half seemed drag as the audience was made to understand the characters which is why those who got the characters got entertained. There were similarities with Bedazzled and Cinderella but that’s acceptable because it has been Pakistanized in the best way possible.

The Verdict 3.5/5

Meenu – Farjad finally manage to recreate the magic of Zinda Bhaag, something that was missing in Jeewan Hathi. This Faseeh Bari script has everything required in a perfect Eid vehicle as it’s a mixture of romance, action, suspense and comedy with believable characters in unbelievable scenarios. Yes, there are jinn’s and bhoots but hey, it’s a film, not a docudrama where you can’t sacrifice realism for fun. Each and every actor has given an A-rate performance and the performance of the directors (and the writer) must be appreciated for taking care of every aspect of filmmaking and dialogues. Add the deadly combo of Rana Kamran (DOP) and Beenish Umar (Art Director) and you have a film that can represent Pakistan well internationally. The Eid season will benefit the movie although, after one week, Race 3 will grace the screen; as the content is strong, 7DMI might stand tall against the nonsense Salman Khan flick that is already getting bad reviews.

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