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Mushk Grabs Our Attention With Interesting Twists & Turns

Written by Omair Alavi

Mushk has managed to grab the audience’s attention with intriguing plot twists and turns!


The last three episodes of Mushk have kept the story moving forward, with a lot happening for the better or the worse. Due to the brilliant performance of all the actors, the writer, and the director, the show has become an unmissable commodity amongst all the dramas currently on air. Not only does it highlight the many social evils that are part and parcel of our lives, but it also makes us understand how to handle the many challenges thrown at us every now and then. With so much happening on every front, Mushk manages to grab the audience’s attention and keep them engrossed in the story.

The Plot

Adam (Imran Ashraf) convinces Dada Jaan (Manzoor Qureshi) to agree to an engagement than a Nikaah to Mehek (Momal Sheikh) so he can get the extension required to search for her husband Shayan (Osama Tahir). While the engagement is set to take place on the same day as Roshni’s Nikaah, Guddi (Urwa Hocane) plays her cards right and manages to convince the bride (Seher Khan) to run away with Saqib (Raza Talish) who still wants to marry her despite being paid off. Dr. Rana (Raja Haider) averts a crisis on the wedding because he is head over heels in love with the runaway bride’s mother (Zara Tareen). Together, they are poisoning her husband (Hasan Ahmed), and since Guddi knows about it, she might use it as leverage in the coming episodes. In the other part of the village, Maami (Natasha Ali) discovers the dead body of Sajjad (Sohail Sameer) and in a vengeful mode convinces Shayan (Osama Tahir) to run away and take refuge in the police station.

The Good

Imran Ashraf’s writing skills reminds the audience of A-listers like Zafar Mairaj and Faiza Iftikhar; there is a reason for not comparing him with Khalil ur Rehman Qamar and that’s because of ‘lack of originality’ from the latter’s part. Combined with Aehsun Talish’s direction skills, Mushk is turning into a drama that will stay in the audience’s memory for a long time because of the way it has been executed. Every actor in the drama fits the character, and that’s what makes the plot relatable and interesting. Be it experienced actors like Manzoor Qureshi who plays the Dada Jaan or unknown ones like Raja Haider who plays Dr. Rana, everyone acts as if they are a pawn on Imran Ashraf and Aehsun Talish’s Chess Board, and their one wrong step might spell doom for them, and their close aides.

Urwa Hocane steals the show in the last three episodes; as Guddi she manages to defeat Taayi at her own game, convinces Raza Talish’s character that he is a savior, not a deserter and find out what’s literally ‘killing’ Roshni’s father. Amongst others, Adam manages to shine out as a prospective bridegroom who knows that he can’t legally marry the love of his life because she is already married; he carries that expression throughout his appearance and despite being congratulated by all, he knows his first priority is to find Shayan, and hand over Mehek to her as a friend. Without Zara Tareen’s Taayi, the drama wouldn’t have been the same and when her daughter runs away from the house on the eve of her wedding, her expressions were priceless. The same can’t be said for the audience who wanted her to suffer for everything bad she has done to other characters in the drama.

The Bad

Momal Sheikh’s character Mehek is becoming weaker with every passing episode when in fact as a London return lawyer, she should be dominating others. Yes, she is guilty of hiding the fact that she is married and has a son, but that doesn’t mean that everything that the Taayi does or says, she will listen to it without retaliating. The same can be said of her on-screen husband played by Osama Tahir who manages to escape from his uncle’s clutches yet doesn’t realize that the local authorities might be on his payroll and he might be heading into a trap. He could have called a friend of his in the United Kingdom and asked for help, rather than going to the police, and literally sending himself back to the dungeon.

Some viewers believe that the drama is encouraging brides to run away from their weddings if they don’t agree to the match, however, others feel that the Taayi’s behavior is to be blamed for the act. However, you don’t have to be a critic to be shocked at the scene where the girl’s uncle is crying about his prospects as a politician and is slapped by his sister for being irritating. Also, with so much going on between Dr. Rana and the Taayi, throwing away the injection in a dustbin inside the house was a careless act. It could have been done in a better way, considering so far the love affair has been kept under wraps and is being handled intelligently.

The Verdict – Mushk keeps getting interesting with every passing week

When was the last time you saw a drama where the story revolved around multiple characters, and each one of them was important to the plot. Well, Mushk is important to the audience because it gives importance to the characters and takes the audience on a ride where they are as much part of the plot as these characters. It comes out as a well-knit commentary of our social evils such as marrying a minor, imprisoning a person to remove him from the way, blaming others for your own faults, not trusting the family but friends, running away when the conditions seem unfavorable among other things. Had it not been penned by Imran Ashraf or had Aehsun Talish not called the shots, Mushk might not have been the kind of drama it has turned out to be. It is getting interesting with every passing week, something that is very hard to manage in the world of OTT platforms and competitive dramas from other channels.

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