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By: Omair Alavi Veteran film actor and Super Star of the 70s Shahid Hameed is all set to return to the big screen with Jawed Sheikh’s Wujood. He hasn’t been active in film since his self-imposed exile in late 80s but his legacy lives ob due to his countless films and their songs. Today, he…

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By: Omair Alavi

Veteran film actor and Super Star of the 70s Shahid Hameed is all set to return to the big screen with Jawed Sheikh’s Wujood. He hasn’t been active in film since his self-imposed exile in late 80s but his legacy lives ob due to his countless films and their songs. Today, he is celebrating his 67th birthday and we must take a trip down the memory lane and listen to 20 of his popular songs!

Ik Baat Kahun – Ilzam

Shahid made his debut in 1971 and it took him a few years to become a household name. Thanks to Ahmed Rushdi’s vocals, he quickly posed threat to the reigning trio of Mohammad Ali – Waheed Murad and – Nadeem and established himself as a Super Star in his early 20s.

Ik Baar Chalay Aao – Ek Raat

In what was one of his black and white films (1972 to be exact), Shahid had a hit song filmed on him that sung by Mehdi Hassan and is still remembered by the listeners

Pyar Pyar Pyar Pyar – Gharana

This film heralded Shahid’s entry as the next big thing and credit must be given to Ahmed Rushdi and M. Ashraf for coming up with such a romantic number.

Goray Goray Gaal Pe – Gharana

Ahmed Rushdi and Shahid combined again for this beautiful romantic number that still looks fresh and modern.

Mera Mehboob – Dil Ka Shehr

This is one of the most innovative songs from Shahid-Rushdi combo as here, the playback singer sings as well as talks for the actor who looks comfortable doing both.

Dukh Main Aakhir – Pyaasa

This film had Shahid in the role of an Angry Young Man and this song gives you an idea about his character in the movie.

Yeh Dil Kab Kis Kay Aagay Jhuka Tha – Tera Ghum Rahe Salamat

A rare Mala-Rushdi collaboration for Nisho-Shahid, a gem for the fans of the legendary playback singers.

Chehre Pe Banawat Ka Ghussa – Baharon Ki Manzil

Whenever a Shahid Songography is compiled, this song will feature in it since it has Shahid being something different – a sportsman for a change.

Mere Geeton Ki Sada – Allah Meri Tauba

The film was inspired from an Indian movie and so were the songs but Amjad Hussain (Later Bobby) composed this hit number that helped Shahid become a force to reckon with.

Marr Gaya Lut Gaya – Shikaar

Masood Rana occasionally did playback for the new hero on the block and this number features him doing just that.

Rafta Rafta – Zeenat

If anyone had any doubt regarding Shahid, this song threw all doubters out of the window. The song is still popular and was even copied in India in the 90s.

Dama Dum Must Qalandar – Dekha Jayega

Shahid played not one or two but 3 roles in this comedy caper where the songs were as good as the comedy; Ahmed Rushdi sang this different version of Duma Dum Must Qaladar – all in English – and it became a rage.

Jis Taraf Aankh Uthaoon – Surayya Bhopali

Shahid shared the screen with his seniors Rani and Waheed Murad and excelled as the guy who loves the heroine because he is rich; Mehdi Hassan sings for him in Hyderabadi style which helped the song become quite popular.

Tu Sham e Mohabbat Hai – Sham e Mohabbat

And then there was this Asad Amanat song from Sham e Mohabbat where Shahid and Shabnam collaborated for a romantic number.

Hamari Sanson Main Aaj Tak – Mere Huzoor

Before Coke Studio ruined this song, it was considered a masterpiece delivered by Mehdi Hassan and Noor Jehan; here it is Mehdi Hassan who does the playback for Shahid.

Panday Kali Karalo – Susral

This ‘iconic’ number is remembered as something that no one was ready for; Mehdi Hassan’s vocals for Shahid who plays the person who watches dishes for a living do the trick and despite not being liked by many, this song is popular even today.

Bohat Khoobsurat Hai – Aabshar

Before Salman Khan-Sanjay Dutt starrer Saajan copied this number, it was part of Aabshar from the 70s, a film where Shahid and Shabnam sizzled with their brilliant chemistry.

Rootha Yar Manana  – Abhi Tu Main Jawan Hoon

This comedy about a young guy who changes appearance to look older featured some great numbers including this song where Shahid and Shabnam try to please each other.

Alif Se Nikli Akhyan – Nawab Zadi

Ahmed Rushdi continued to be the voice of Shahid even when other actors had replaced him with younger people. Here he teaches Rani how to read and also romance with her in between

Oh Humdum O Saathi – Saathi

During the late 70s and 80s, A. Nayyar delivered hits for Shahid and this one remains popular even after 35 years!

Tu Jo Milay – Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya

This was Ahmed Rushdi’s last song on Shahid as the former passed away a couple of years after the film was released.

Tere Naam Tere Naam – Mere Apne

Shahid dominated the scene from early 70s to early 80s and this number from Mere Apne proves that good quality songs played a huge part in his ascent as an actor

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