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Written by Omair Alavi

This rom-com movie guide can save your love life this Valentine’s Day!

This rom-com movie guide can save your love life this Valentine’s Day!

Ever wondered why romantic comedies have been popular for so long? They added color to the audience’s lives in the black-and-white era and have been changing lives ever since color became a part of rom-com flicks around the world. Pamela Jaye Smith’s Romantic Comedies tells the readers why romantic comedies are still popular for over ninety years and why this genre is not slowing down in the fast-changing world.

This rom-com movie guide is one to consult any day of the year but since Valentine’s Day is right at the corner, not talking about it would be an injustice. Reading it this weekend could be a life-altering experience since it brings forward those rom coms to the fore which will offer you advice, impart love lessons or even make you fall in love, depending on what you desire. In fact, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that this book might be your ticket to a better life if read in an effective manner!

Divided into five sections, every section in this book houses five chapters, which means that you can choose any topic you like from ‘Am I Good Enough to be loved’ to ‘Mistaken Identities’, or ‘Commitment issues to ‘Worlds Apart’. Each film in this book gets two pages to sell itself to the readers and make you realize what the makers wanted you to know. By pointing out the Lover Types, and the Love Lessons, as well as a synopsis of the plot, the book makes you ‘want to be a better man’, in Jack Nicholson’s iconic words.

Unlike film guides where films are either cataloged in a chronological manner or alphabetically, this guide makes the readers understand what they need. With the help of scientific studies, it catalogs similar films placed together in chapters designed to bring both the heart and the mind to the same page. Don’t be surprised if you feel strange at home with no one to talk to, this book will make life choices easy for you with its recommendations, and will surely keep the love doctor away.

This book caters to all kinds of people from all walks of life, making it a perfect solution for those who fall in the category of grumpy old men, independent women, have a passionate personality, are on the rebound from heartbreak, or are even as insecure as insecure could be. Consider it as a friend who has a story for every situation, and even delivers it with a quotable quote, a lover type as well as a love lesson or two.

Don’t be surprised to not find An Affair to Remember or One Fine Day in this list because more deserving candidates get their chance. After all, there is no denying that if there had been no SabrinaHitch, or even Mamma Mia!, life wouldn’t have been this interesting. Add to that It Happened One Night, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, You’ve Got Mail, and Grumpy Old Men and you would thank me later, for referring this book.

Laced with film stills featuring some of the most famous stars in the world from Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Meryl Streep, Dustin Hoffman, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, and even Kevin Costner, the book is meant to be read no matter what your mood is. If you are down, some of the films can cheer you up while if you are happy, others can give life lessons that you thought were nonsense. And if you are a movie buff, then there is no better way to make you get your hands on this book, because all your favorite actors have something to say here.

The biggest flaw in this book seems to be the writer’s laziness because at times she confuses the character with the actor and the actor with the character. How can Tom Hanks be in love with Meg Ryan when they are playing characters in a film, or how could Christopher Plummer be Diane Keaton’s father when they both are professional actors? One hopes that the next edition addresses this issue and uses the artists’ names in parenthesis and the characters outside the brackets.

Don’t be down if you are going through a tough time, or consider yourself a loser because that’s not what you are meant to be. This fun and colorful rom-com movie guide can help you forget your troubles by taking you down memory lane and understanding life through films. It will just tell you that when a Hollywood superstar, an older brother, a princess on the run, and a runaway bride can find love in unexpected places, so can you. The lessons it will impart to the readers will not only pave the way for a better tomorrow but also guide you to the romantic bliss you deserve.

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