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In that book, Fakhre Alam discusses his biggest achievement to date, becoming the first Pakistani ever to successfully fly around the world, solo

You may have seen him sing on TV, act in films and host stage shows and cricket programs but do you know that the multi-talented Fakhre Alam can also fly? Three years back Fakhre Alam became the first Pakistani to circumnavigate the globe and a few months later, he published a book regarding his Mission Parwaaz.

In that book, Fakhre Alam discusses his biggest achievement to date, becoming the first Pakistani ever to successfully fly around the world, solo. He talks about his love for planes as well as how and when his interest became his obsession, and what made him go for the ultimate achievement for any pilot. He also discloses that music might have made his entry into showbiz easy, but the flight was always his first love!

With the help of aerial pictures as well as those taken on the ground, in different cities, and a narration that is closer to reality than Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days, the now acclaimed author takes you on a journey across the globe without moving. The readers will get to know what made him take the giant leap of faith that no Pakistani had taken before, how first his parents and later his wife supported his quest despite knowing its dangers, and how his friends always stood by him no matter where he was on Planet Earth.

That’s not all, he also talks about his preparations regarding Mission Parwaaz, and how he managed to select the aircraft for his flight, the destinations, and the route and above all, why he chose Florida for his journey’s commencement and conclusion. He also thanks his colleagues and guides without whom he wouldn’t have been able to complete this mission, and who steered him in the right direction and in the best manner towards achieving the impossible.

Not only do his achievements find a place here, the readers also get to know about the major setbacks faced by the author during the final leg of his journey. He explains how things could have gone wrong for him, how restless he felt during the flight and why he was detained at the Russian airport, as well as later released through the Pakistani ambassador’s intervention.

The readers also get to know after reading the book that Fakhre Alam kicked off his 28-day tour from Florida and had to do 26000 nautical miles while flying through all the mediums of the planet to achieve circumnavigation. He flew to over 30 airports, travelled a distance of 50,000 km across the world and met people from different cultures, something you don’t often get to do without leaving your comfort zone.

To complete any journey, the route is of utmost importance, and Fakhre Alam’s route from Florida to Boston, then to the Canadian Airbase in Goose Bay and later Greenland and beyond helped him realize a lot of things, which he had penned in his words in these memoirs. He also explains his reasons behind the act of going around the world, and it has nothing to do with his stardom but everything to do with Pakistan.

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