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Book review: The story of The X-Men — how it all began

Omair Alavi|Published November 21, 2020

Want to know why and how the first-ever group of mutant super-heroes came together? Why they are called the X-Men and how they got their start?

DK Readers’ The Story of the X-men – How It All Began not just tells you the reasons behind the ‘get-together’ of the original X-Men, but also how they got their powers and managed to control them.

Authored by Michael Teitelbaum, this book may not be as ‘eXpansive’ as the X-Men, but it surely can prove to be your first step towards the mutant super-hero squad. It will introduce you to the leader of the X-Men Professor X aka Charles Xavier, and explain why he is bound to a wheelchair, but strong enough to save the world on a daily basis. How he managed to select a team that would go on to do wonders is what this book is all about, and in addition, their powers are explained through ‘Science’.

Yes, the very science you try to avoid at school can help you understand the mutant’s superpowers, and in return you can easily understand science. Simple! Also, the book covers the five original members of the X-Men and don’t be surprised on not finding the name of your favourite X-Men in it.

There was Cyclops who could fire optic blasts from his eyes, Iceman who can create ‘ice-stuff’ from thin air, Marvel Girl who possesses telepathic abilities and was later referred to as Jean Grey, Beast who besides being the most intelligent and most powerful of the X-Men resembles a beast (hence the name) and Angel who got his name because of his wings with super-human strength.

Besides details of their arch-nemesis Magneto (he and Professor X used to be friends!), the book tells you about the first-ever X-Men adventure. You can make it an enjoyable read if you are good at imagining, because then you can have double the fun imagining the scenario. On one hand, there was the X-Men and on another, Brother of Evil Mutants and my guess is as good as yours as to who emerged victorious after the battle.

Through illustrations, pieces of comic strips, and easy-to-read text, this book will make you an X-Men ‘eXpert’ in no time. Don’t forget to read the glossary at the end because it will help you understand the meaning of a few words you might have encountered during the book, without realising what they actually meant.

If you want to enrol in ‘the School for the Gifted Youngsters’ and join the good mutants, remember, it all starts here!

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 21st, 2020

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