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Book review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Fully Charged

Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Published August 29, 2020

He may be our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, but even he has enemies who are neither friendly, nor from the neighbourhood. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Fully Charged, Spidey faces one such threat and neutralises it, but not before taking a step back and planning according to the situation.

The excellent illustrations in this book make every readers’ job easier since it explains the text in as amazing a manner, as the amazing Spider-Man!

In this book, Spider-Man faces Electro, who was once Max Dillon, an Oscorp employee who became a mega villain after a freak accident. He decides to use his new-found powers for evil so that he can take revenge from those who he believed were behind his transformation. Spider-Man tried to stop him but at first he was no match for Electro’s electricity blasts. It took our hero some time and some help from Gwen Stacy to realise how to successfully counter the bad guy. And when he applied his friend’s idea, it worked and saved the whole city. How Spider-Man did that, is for you to find out!

This book not only teaches the importance of listening to others, being open to suggestions and making ‘electrifying’ decisions, but also why it is important to take a step back and rethink. Not every strategy is always successful on first try, and that’s why when Spider-Man found out that his opponent was too powerful for him, he didn’t take him on at that instant. Instead, he studied his pros and cons, devised a plan to plot his downfall and executed it like a laboratory experiment. Had he not listened to Gwen Stacy and taken the villain head on, who knows where he might have ended up.

And if you liked the Spidey adventure, you will also like the Spider-Man stickers. This book comes with two sheets of stickers that feature Spider-Man, his friends and his enemies in action. You can stick them on your wall, in your school books or even on your fridge and be inspired by Spider-Man, whenever you look at him, and find him doing something to save the world.

Published in Dawn, Young World, August 29th, 2020

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