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Book review: The Amazing Book of Spider-Man

Omair Alavi|Published November 14, 2020

Look out, here comes Spider-Man and he brings his friends and foes to meet you! The Amazing Book of Spider-Man lets you know all there is to know about the friendly neighbourhood web-slinger, how he became Spider-Man, and who are his enemies and allies in his battles that take him around the world, and sometimes in other dimensions.

We all know that after Peter Parker was bit by a radioactive spider, he became Spider-Man but what do we know about his parents? Nothing. The same can be said of his friends who know his secret, and who doesn’t, who fight alongside him and those who mentor him, and finally those enemies who would do anything to harm Spider-Man so that he doesn’t disrupt their plans. This book tells you all there is to know about the life and times of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, with the pictures explaining how an uncool Peter becomes the Super Cool Spidey, in a world full of bad guys.

With minimum text to make you understand the villain’s origin, their aim and objectives, and why they are against Spidey, this book lets you wander around in the Spider-Verse. From meeting Black Panther and Captain America to his inter-dimensional friends. You also get to meet all those who have played a part in making Spider-Man the kind of man he is.

To make it all the more interesting for you, the book comes with fun foldout pages which expands the book’s horizon. Don’t be surprised to find the Shocker on one page, and beneath the foldout, Sandman on the same page. At some places the whole page is a foldout and if you don’t find that interesting, it will be very difficult to impress you.

To make it competitive between you and your friends, there is a quiz section at the end of the book that asks you questions regarding whatever you read in the book, and rates your knowledge of Spider-Man on that basis. Don’t forget to take out the gigantic Spider-Man poster that is included in this book, and have an adult put it in your room, on your door, or even in your play area. It will not just give you the Spider-Man feel but also make you understand the mechanics that make him swing and ‘arrive just in time’, every time.

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 14th, 2020

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