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Book review: Marvel Collection: Thor and Hulk

Omair Alavi|Published November 23, 2019

We all know what Thor can do, what his hammer is called and what makes him best friends with Hulk. But do you know what made Thor so powerful and why Hulk likes to smash things wherever he goes?

Marvel Collection: Thor and Hulk makes you understand why these two Avengers are different from their colleagues and presents them in the best humanly way possible.

This very easy-to-read book begins with a description of Asgard, where it is situated, how it is connected to Earth and who is its King. Thor, who is the Prince of Asgard and son of King Odin, is shown as the king’s successor by virtue of being the firstborn, but he lacks a few qualities that a good king must possess. So his father banishes him from Asgard and sends him to Earth, where the once arrogant and impulsive Thor is expected to find compassion, love and humility.

This book tells you what happens next because that’s the reason why he is one of the leading forces of Avengers.

The other origin story is about Bruce Banner, a shy kid who finds solace in books. As a youngster he kept his feelings buried inside him and became a scientist to make a difference in the world. Everything was going smoothly until an experiment went wrong and Dr Banner was hit with a blast of dangerous gamma radiation.

How the accident changes Bruce and what makes him turn into the Incredible Hulk, this book tells you all. The feelings he buried inside caused the biggest damage and tells you that you shouldn’t do the same.

Both Thor and Hulk’s back stories are expressed with the help of illustrations that make you understand what was going on. The text is not just understandable, but also engaging. It also tells you why Thor’s brother Loki doesn’t like him, why Bruce Banner isn’t a fan of General Ross and that Hulk not just throws stuff but also smashes it. Avengers, assemble!

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 23rd, 2019

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