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Book review: Disney Storybook Collection

Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Published May 1, 2021

Disney’s animated films have been part of everyone’s childhood; those who are adults today were once children too, and these animated films helped them understand life.

Most of you might not want ‘to be parented’ on your time, but trust me, this book does the job without you realising it, making things easy for parents and kids both.

There are nine different reasons to get your hands on this collection, but right now think of the most important one. It not just brings the story of The Lion King, The Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians, and Peter Pan to name a few to these pages, it makes you relive these Disney classics as well. Each film is given a separate chapter and has something new to offer to the readers.

Like The Lion King teaches you to listen to your elders, The Jungle Book makes you realise the importance of friends, Peter Pan shows you why imagination is not a waste of your time, and so forth.

The best part about this book is its simplicity; it doesn’t seem to drag when you are reading it, nor does it have difficult words that you can’t understand. With nine summarised stories in one place, all you need is a lot of time on your hands. Since every page here is based on illustrations and images taken from the animated flick, the quality of design and print is first class, making you imagine being in the movie rather than reading about it.

Just think about being there when Mowgli thrashes Shere Khan, or Peter Pan rescues Wendy from Captain Hook, you can safely brag about that you had ‘been there, done that’ in front of your friends.

The contempt for Disney villains like Scar, Cruella De Vil, Aunt Sarah, Jafar and others is renewed, as is the love for the good guys. Yes, Pinocchio was a liar, but he was punished for that so we will include him in the good guy gang. The same goes for the Genie, who wasn’t evil but was doing the bidding of his master Jafar after he got his hands on the magic lamp.

With this book, enter the world of magic with Disney characters and have a fun time in a world where good always triumphs over evil. These timeless tales will remind you to always side with the good, no matter how tempting evil might look. Just remember that life gives you opportunities to learn at every turn, and this book is a treasure trove of learning opportunities for you and your friends.

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