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Omair Alavi|Sports|November 3, 2019

The book consists of quotes by and about sportspeople who ruled the world in their day such as Jack Hobbs, Ian Botham, Mohammad Ali, Mike Tyson, John McEnroe, Martina Hingis

Ever wondered what kept your favourite sportsmen fit during their careers? What made them aim for the best and break records? Which comment helped them go one step further in whatever sports they were participating? Sports In Quotes brings you closer to the answers to these questions by compiling the most inspirational, humorous and motivational quotes from the best sportsmen in the world. It may not be their key to success but it is sure to have played an important part in keeping them ahead of the others.

A glance at this book might motivate you like the many sportsmen who are part of this quote collection that features over 500 quotes from the best in the business. The people whose quotes are given a place here include sportspeople, sporting celebrities, and commentators. The best thing about this book are the pictures on every page, from the archives of the best photographers in the world. Each page has a coloured (or black and white in case of old players) picture of the sportsman or sportswoman who is discussed on that page. It could be a quote by him or about him, with the accompanying description making it all the more easy to understand the comment.

From Jack Hobbs to Ian Botham, from Mohammad Ali to Mike Tyson, from John McEnroe to Martina Hingis, every sport great is mentioned here with a quote that describes their mood at that time. Thinking quotes like ‘world records are only borrowed’, humorous ones like ‘if it had been a cheese roll, it would never have got past him’ and serious ones like ‘I am 22 but my body isn’t 22 anymore’ make this book all the more interesting, because they have been said by legends like Sebastian Coe, Graham Gooch and Kim Clijsters who were among the best.

The book also gives you an in-depth knowledge of those sports you knew existed but didn’t know much about. If you are a cricket fan then you might know some of the quotes and their descriptions here but then, you might not be as fluent in other sports. This book takes you around the world and tells you which sports are popular in which part of the world and who are the best players of that sport. If you didn’t know which sports Rod Laver played or why Garry Sobers was so popular around the world, this book is your chance to know.

For a sports enthusiast, this is the book to own because it takes you back 100 years and inform you about many sporting moments that occurred then. Don’t be surprised to see a 6-feet 4-inch tall goalkeeper at the start of the book or the appearance of Tiger Woods who remains one of the most popular golfers in the world at the end. Every person quoted here achieved brilliance in their sporting career and by reading it, you might get motivated to follow them, if not be like them. Happy reading!

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