HIP PREVIEW: Is ‘Dunk’ Going to be the Next Big Thing in 2021!

Written by Omair Alavi

Is Big Bang Entertainment’s upcoming drama serial ‘Dunk’ going to rock the 2021 media circuit!


The year 2021 is being anticipated for a lot of things; return to normalcy, and being COVID-19 free once again being one of them. There is another reason for which we should be waiting and that’s Big Bang Entertainment’s Dunk, a new drama serial that is likely to change the way our TV works in a positive way. Not only does it have a star cast but its story is also unlike any recently shown on our TV screens. Let’s analyze the three teasers of Dunk and discuss what makes the drama worth the wait, and might make it the next big thing in the coming year.

It seems to be a Noman Ijaz spectacle!

Noman Ijaz is not just one of the best actors we have produced in the last 30 years, he is the most versatile one as well. Since 1990 he has done numerous characters that are still etched into the audience’s memory and the good thing is that they want him to see him in a different avatar even today. Here, he plays a respected university professor who lives a happy life, until he is accused of sexual harassment. After the allegations, everything changes for him; even his wife and kid start suspecting him, when in fact he claims innocence. After going through the teasers, one can say that Noman Ijaz’s character is the most important one in Dunk and the fate of the play hangs on his performance which will decide whether Dunk flies or sinks!

It puts Bilal Abbas opposite Noman Ijaz after O Rangreza!

Bilal Abbas is one of the many actors who have grown up watching Noman Ijaz and approach acting in the same way as the maestro. In Dunk he plays the protagonist who stands by his colleague (played by Sana Javed) and decides to do everything in his power to get justice for the accuser, even if it means taking on the system that takes the side of the accused. After Cheekh and Pyar Ke Sadqay, Bilal Abbas has raised his game and with this play, and his fans are anxious to see if he is the good guy here or the baddie. In either case, his performance that too in front of Noman Ijaz (the two shared the screen in O Rangreza) after a gap of four years and it will help him in general and Dunk in particular.

It revolves around Sana Javed’s powerful character

First came Khaani, then came Ruswai, and then there was Darr Khuda Se – Sana Javed has been playing strong characters for the last three years and acing with her performance every time. Her fans who follow her every role are thrilled to see her in a new avatar, one where she is both the weak accuser and the strong woman who decides to expose the person who she believes is a serial offender. Yes, she had done the same kind of role in Darr Khuda Se but there, Afreen worked in an office and had to support a family; here she is an innocent student who became a victim after being at the wrong place at the wrong time. This might be her first play with Bilal Abbas but the two look great together, and their chemistry will be the key to the solution of the mystery thriller that might make it to your screens soon.

It reunites Badar Mehmood and Mohsin Ali … again!

The reason why Aisi Hai Tanhai and Ishqiya were such huge hits was its perfect casting, perfect execution, and perfect script; the duo behind the two serials are back at the helm and the audience can’t be more excited. Mohsin Ali’s best work has been with Badar Mehmood and vice versa is the case with Badar Mehmood, although he has been delivering more hits recently. The magic they create together is what will make Dunk a different kind of play, and the audience is waiting to see the result on their TV screens. Add Bilal Abbas, Sana Javed and Noman Ijaz to the equation and you have a perfect casting, one that usually makes Badar Mehmood – Mohsin Ali collaboration a blockbuster!

And Big Bang continues to make a Bang every now and then!

Agree to disagree but Fahad Mustafa is amongst the most successful drama producers in the country. Even in 2020 when COVID-19 hit the local drama industry, Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi’s Big Bang Entertainment managed to produce two of the biggest hits – Nand and Jalan – that are doing well even today. Big Bang Entertainment is one of the few production houses that generate ideas from our surroundings, and Dunk is something that happens around us, all the more frequently these days. With this play, they have taken up an important issue and if they manage to execute it perfectly, the drama’s example would be given whenever there would be a sexual harassment crime.

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