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Book review: World of Reading: Marvel Avengers

Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Published February 22, 2020

Imagine there is a party at your place and most of your friends love to read books. But there is one problem that you don’t have enough books in your library. What would you do? All your problems are solved if you have World of Reading: Marvel Avengers box in your collection. The box not only has six books inside, it will also keep your friends engaged until they are through each and every one of the books.

What’s so special about this box, you might ask? The six books in this box are specially designed for early readers who want to read, but don’t know where to start. Not only is it designed to offer reluctant readers a chance to read by themselves, it features the Marvel characters they love. Be it a young girl or a Marvel-fan boy, everyone wants to know what makes these superheroes ‘super’ and that’s exactly what this box offers you.

In the first level of the series, potential readers are taught to read simple sentences, so that by the time they are through to the third one, reading is one of their superpowers.

If you didn’t know how Black Widow got her name, and why is she part of the Avengers; or what makes Hawkeye a dependable shot; or how Bruce Banner transforms into The Hulk, look no further.

In this series of books, you will find answers to all your queries regarding Marvel superheroes. The best part of this series is the fact that the back story of all six superheroes is presented in such a way that a young reader could relate to it.

Every book caters to an individual Marvel character, so that more people could read them at the same time. Here, Tony Stark wasn’t kidnapped by enemy forces, Ant-Man didn’t serve jail time, and Falcon idolised Captain America before becoming his partner. Each and every superhero here is shown as a normal human being who acquired powers through accident or through their hard work and used it for the well-being of others.

If you have a kid in the house who should be reading than wasting his time on video games, get him this box. If the extraordinary adventures of these superheroes don’t inspire him (or her), nothing else will. Their well-illustrated adventures and simple sentences accompanying those pictures will even make the elders realise that you don’t need superpowers to do the right thing. This box also comes with another addition — a seventh book that isn’t in print form, but in the ebook form. That’s a bonus for going the Marvel way!

Published in Dawn, Young World, February 22nd, 2020

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