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Book review: This is Ant-Man

Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Published September 19, 2020

You can’t see him, but he is always there to help his friends; you can’t feel his movements but he is always there to deliver a mighty punch; you might not fear him because of his name, but Ant-Man is full of surprises.

In World of Reading Level 1: Ant-Man, meet Ant-Man and find out what makes him so important that the mighty Avengers want him on their side.

This book revolves around the life of Scott Lang and how he became Ant-Man. No, he wasn’t bit by a radioactive ‘Ant’ nor he is an alien from outer space; in fact, he is a regular guy with regular problems who chose to face them and make a difference. You get to know that with the help of a scientist named Hank, he became the proud owner of a special suit that granted him superpowers. With the help of this suit, he could not just shrink to a very small size but also return to normal size and fight crime in both the ‘states’.

If you don’t know who Ant-Man’s friends are, who does he help every now and then, who his enemies are and what makes him invaluable to his ‘gang’, this book tells you all. It also introduces you to his daughter, for whom he vows to keep the streets clean and crime-free. He might like to hang out with ants and talk to them, but he also spends his time with the mighty Avengers and help them win their battles and save the universe on a daily basis.

The best thing about this book is that it is dominated by illustrations, and has very little text, which is exactly what youngsters like you prefer. Add simple sentences, easy vocabulary and you have a book that is appropriate for Ant-Man’s stature — small in size, huge in stature!

Root for Ant-Man and join him in his fight for the good, against evil in order to save the world.

Published in Dawn, Young World, September 19th, 2020

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