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Book review: Mickey Mouse, Adventure Tales And Stories

Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Published November 16, 2019

Mickey and his friends are back! This time, Mickey Mouse and his friends go on different adventures where they not only learn new things but also meet new people.

Yes, this book features your favourites Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, and others but in a different manner. In Disney Classics’ Mickey Mouse — Adventure Tales and Stories, there are as many as three stories that will make you join Mickey Mouse in his adventures, without any desire to return to the real world.

In the first adventure, Cowboy Mickey, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy take a trip to the rodeo where they not only break records, but also learn how to be a good cowboy, and in case of Minnie, a cowgirl. In Mickey and the Fire Truck, Mickey leads a group of friends so that they can decorate an old fire engine for a parade. And boy, not only do they succeed in winning the top prize, they also get to use the fire engine to save Donald Duck. Interesting, isn’t it?

But the most important story of all is the last one — Mickey and the Pet Shop. We all know that Mickey Mouse has a pet dog named Pluto, who follows him around wherever he goes. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find him in the first two stories, because the third one revolves around him. It is this story that unites Mickey Mouse with his beloved pet Pluto. How did they meet and why did Mickey name him Pluto, this story answers all your questions. In fact, it tells you a lot about making friends, be it a human being or an animal.

What makes this book different from others is the excellent combination of text and illustrations. The cartoon-like images not just give authenticity to the text, but also make you wonder as to what will happen next. The narration is in a simple form, making it easy to read by both the kids and their parents. The lessons this book teaches us all is exactly what we should be taught at home, and parents can make their own lessons while going through this book. Until next time!

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 16th, 2019

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