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Book review: Hey Duggee — The Official Annual 2024

Written by ceditor

It’s time for … Duggee! The characters of the extremely popular preschool animated TV series are back and this time they have a lot of activities planned for you. Their presence in Hey Duggee — The Official Annual 2024, is guaranteed to keep the young and the old preoccupied for a long time, just like the TV show everyone adores.

If you don’t know who Duggee is, well you are missing something huge. He is a friendly brown male dog who is also the leader of the Squirrel Club, featuring a talkative octopus named Betty, a curious brown mouse Norrie, an enthusiastic hippopotamus Roly, and an easy-going green crocodile named Happy. More friends join them in their adventures and you can be one too, if you manage to get your hands on this book.

There is no time restriction for this annual and that’s what makes it great. It features brand-new badge stories, fun and games, besides teaching a few things on the sidelines. The activities on these pages range from making cut-outs to helping one or more characters finish a job. It could be matching two similar items from a bunch to finding the odd one out, or even helping one of the characters to complete a maze. There might be an activity featuring colours, alphabets or even numbers, depending on what you like!

Add to that a handful of crazy badge stories and you are guaranteed to have a great time, with Duggee and friends. Be it teaching the ‘squirrels’ how to play crazy golf to making them go through the rituals so that they can earn the Cheese Badge and the Shadow Badge, this book is full of interesting stuff that will develop or enhance your skills.

Omair Alavi – Dawn, Young World

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