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Book review: Busy Swimming

Written by ceditor

Ever wondered why everything done for the first time is referred to as ‘baby steps’? Because things learned as a toddler stay with the person for a lifetime. That’s why Busy Swimming is the perfect book for toddlers whose parents might think they are into swimming, but have no idea how to introduce them to a swim.

You would be surprised to know that a toddler doesn’t have to be near a swimming pool to understand swimming since this book makes it easier for them. With the ‘push, pull, and slide’ effect provided in these pages, a kid will be able to understand swimming without literally diving into the pool.

Illustrated by Louise Forshaw, Busy Swimming revolves around a few kids who are at a pool with their parents, and take the readers every step of the way. From taking the necessary safety precautions to staying at their parent’s side, everything helpful is part of these pages.

Be it through spotting a towel, learning what a swimming goggle is, or even searching for a mysterious bee, this book shows how toddlers can be guided to develop their motor skills as well as improve their vocabulary. By pushing, pulling and turning the tabs, they not only can bring the water park to life, but also have fun while doing it.

The easy-to-handle mechanisms in this colourful board book are enough material for a parent to convince their kids that swimming, if done correctly, is safe and healthy. With text that rhymes and illustrations that connect with the readers, kids will instantly fall in love with swimming.

This book is part of the Busy Book series which has many more titles to offer but remember, baby steps is the key.

After kids are done learning how to change into their swimming costumes, they should be allowed to whizz down the water slide and race across the pool, so that by the time they are done, they have fallen in love with the activity.

Umair Alavi – Dawn, Young World

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