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Book review: Batman: The Joker’s Dozen

Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Published October 3, 2020

Want to spend time with Batman during an adventure? Be a part of his crime-fighting life by picking up Batman: The Joker’s Dozen and solve one of his toughest cases, one that involves his arch-nemesis, Joker.

With the Clown Prince of Crime’s involvement, comes more responsibility, one that you can share with the Dark Knight. Think of yourself as Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s trusted aide; he helps Batman from the Bat Cave while you can do the same from reading this book.

This Laurie S. Sutton adventure revolves around another of Joker’s escapades from Arkham Asylum but, unlike the other attempts, he has everything planned this time around. He not only transforms citizens of Gotham City into laughing fools, but also manages to use them as diversions for the GCPD. Will Batman be able to see through Joker’s cunning plan or will he be busy saving his city while Joker has the last laugh?

That’s up to you … because in Batman: The Joker’s Dozen, you choose the path Batman should take. Not only can you guide the Caped Crusader to his next step, but can impact the adventure’s conclusion. Your suggestions would involve telling Batman what to choose between the Waterworks or the Gem Museum, whether to follow a wet footprint or a muddy handprint and advising him if he should run from trouble or embrace it.

The more Alfred-like your advice would be, the better Batman would be otherwise he will have to go through different situations before ending the adventure by apprehending Joker.

In short, this book is the best way to find out if you are a Batman fan or not — if you are, then you will finish the adventures the way Batman would; if not then you will have to rethink your strategy and if you are lucky, then you might end up the story before it ends in a dozen different ways.

The illustrations might be less in number, but who needs them when the whole adventure is going on in your mind? Involve a friend too if one is around and find out which of you knows how Batman thinks. May the best Batman-aide, win!

Published in Dawn, Young World, October 3rd, 2020

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