Bao Bae – Karachi Adds Another Delicacy to Its Menu!

Written by Omair Alavi

Handcrafted baos and udon noodles from a food truck. 


Karachi is the most populous city of Pakistan; the more the population, the more diversity. That’s why the launch of Bao Bae Food Truck in the city was welcomed by food enthusiasts and Karachiites who live to eat than eat to live. What makes it different from the many new restaurants opening in the city is its quick service, unique food, and perfect location.

Parked at the corner of Chota Shahbaz – also known as ‘Shahbaz Commercial’ – near popular eateries Evergreen and Famous Os, the Bao Bae food truck is something straight from the hit Hollywood movie Chef. However, you will not find a Jon Favreau (or Saif Ali Khan who played the lead in the Indian version) making innovative Club Sandwiches but something that is more relatable to locals like us – an innovative version of Bun Kabab and Spaghetti.

Developed by the team behind Karachi Eat Festival, Bao Bae serves two different kinds of dishes; Baos and Udon Noodles. You may have eaten both but not in Pakistan and that too from a Food Truck, and that’s where Bao Bae comes in. They might not be serving the most authentic Baos and Udon Noodles but for a start, they are the best money could buy. At a time when COVID-19 has made us eat at home, in the open, or in our cars, why not buy from a car and eat wherever you want!

How is it different from the traditional bun kabab, you might ask. First of all, it’s extremely hygienic, with the bao buns being made in-house instead of buns that come directly from a bakery. Secondly, the filling is not your traditional bun kabab filling; in fact, they began with Chicken Karaage, Braised Beef, and Crispy Prawn. Even if you are not a fan of Prawn, you have choices from Beef and Chicken and the same goes for the other two!

With additional stuff like signature sauce, pickled cabbage, spicy tartar sauce, and pickled onion to name a few, you can make your baos as per your taste. The soft exterior and the delicious interior are what make it a lethal combination that will give you a taste you have hardly experienced.

And then there are the udon noodles that are not only hand-cut but comes in different flavors – beef, chicken, and prawn! They might look like Spaghetti but they are different in taste and the way they are prepared. The additional Black Pepper Tamarind and the Bao Bae signature sauce will make it something that you wanted to have, with your friends around you instead of something you devour while watching TV at home.

Unlike the processed ingredients you might find at local shops, Bao Bae has everything made from scratch, and that’s why they are confident that their Food Truck will go ‘up, up and away’ despite competition in the area. So go ahead, make your day, and try something new that might end up as your new favorite because of its uniqueness, freshness and ability to make you eat senseless, for the time being.

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