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Written by Omair Alavi

By: Omair Alavi He may have passed away in 2007 but the songs by Nisar Bazmi keep him alive in our hearts. The legendary composer delivered hits after hits during his film career and on his 10th death anniversary; we revisit those songs that are now considered classics: Ho Tamanna Aur Kia – Aisa…

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By: Omair Alavi

He may have passed away in 2007 but the songs by Nisar Bazmi keep him alive in our hearts. The legendary composer delivered hits after hits during his film career and on his 10th death anniversary; we revisit those songs that are now considered classics:

Ho Tamanna Aur Kia – Aisa Bhi Hota Hai -1965

The film made Nisar Bazmi a household name as the songs not only became popular but were also different from the kind of music produced in those days. This song was also the beginning of an association between Nisar Bazmi and Madam Noor Jehan who gave countless hits in coming years.

Yun Zindagi Ki Raah Main – Aag – 1967

Mehdi Hassan was used intelligently by Nisar Bazmi in many songs, unlike other composers who gave all kinds of songs to the ghazal maestro. This song wouldn’t have been made memorable had it been sung by someone other than Nisar Bazmi.

Aise Bhi Hain Meherbaan – Jaise Jantay Nahin – 1969

There was only one Ahmed Rushdi who could sing both romantic and sad songs and Nisar Bazmi knew that perfectly. That’s why he used the popular singer in this song performed by minimum instruments, and that’s one of the many reasons why it is even popular after 5 decades.

Aye Baharon Gawah Rehna – Saiqa -1968

Mala and Ahmed Rushdi sing this wonderful duet from Shamim Ara’s first film as a producer; even today it is regarded as one of the finest romantic songs of that era.

Kuch Log Rooth Kar Bhi – Andaleeb – 1969

Nisar Bazmi makes his mark in colored films as well and uses Ahmed Rushdi’s vocals to cast a spell on the audience; the rest was done by Waheed Murad who kept chasing his lady love who returns the favour by singing the song at the climax.

Main Tere Ajnabi Shehr Main – Shama Aur Parwana – 1970

This film further consolidated Mujeeb Alam’s place as one of the top playback singers of the era although his stay was shortlived as Ahmed Rushdi’s reign was far from over. Most of the songs in the film were copied abroad and are still popular wherever Urdu songs are listened to.

Abhi Dhoond Hi Rahi Thee – Bewafa -1970

The range Madam Noor Jehan has shown in this song is something only she could achieve and that’s one of the many reasons why people still love this song – Waheed Murad and Shamim Ara being the other.

Dil Dhadke Main Tum Se – Anjuman – 1970

And then there was Runa Laila, who danced into the hearts of the audience with her many sexy renditions including this song where Rani danced, Waheed Murad looked surprised and Bazmi sahab delivered an ace.

Ranjish Hi Sahi – Mohabbat – 1971

Ahmed Faraz’s poem was immortalized by Mehdi Hassan and Nisar Bazmi and the way Mohammad Ali expressed those words on screen cannot be repeated.

Ik Albeli Si Naar – Naag Muni – 1972

Ahmed Rushdi proved to be the perfect voice for Waheed Murad and Nisar Bazmi used it to his advantage in this Raza Mir flick where Rani dazzles as a Naag!

Katay Na Katay Ray – Umrao Jaan Ada – 1972

And it was Super Runa again who gave other playback singers of the era a run for their money by being ‘just perfect’. This song from Umrao Jaan proves that she was at the top of her game, courtesy Nisar Bazmi.

Ik Husn Ki Devi Se – Meri Zindagi Hai Naghma – 1972

Nobody in his right mind would have been able to compose a sad song for Rangeela yet Nisar Bazmi did the inevitable and immortalized the words of Shewan Rizvi – and that too in the presence of not one but 2 Rangeelas!

Bol Ri Gurya Bol Zara – Anmol – 1973

Nayyara Noor makes it to the Nisar Bazmi camp through this song and continued to playback for all the music composers for the next decade. Here, her vocals fit the expressions by Shabnam and they seem inseparable!

Mera Pyar Tere Jeewan Kay Sang – Pehchan – 1975

This may not be Mehnaz’s first song but it was released a lot earlier than Musafir where she actually makes her debut; Nisar Bazmi saw the potential in the vocalist who went onto become the most celebrated of singers for next 20 years.

Hum Chalay To Hamare – Jagir – 1975

Alamgir was given a chance in films through Jagir and this song made him popular for a time period; his last film number was also composed by Nisar Bazmi a decade later in Khush Naseeb!

Chalo Yunhi Roothay Raho – Shararat – 1975

Mehdi Hassan may have sung many fast paced songs but never has he been this good – courtesy the weird steps of Ghulam Mohiuddin and the presence of both Lehri and Munawwar Zarif!

Woh Aa To Jaye Magar – Ajnabi – 1975

Ghulam Abbas was used for the first time in a film by Nisar Bazmi and Robin Ghosh and once you listen to this song, you will realize what an asset he was to have in those days. He still is around, if we can use him in films.

Pyar Ki Yaad Nigahon Main – Talash – 1976

This song featured in the film on as many as 4 occasions and was sung by Naheed Akhtar, Saleem Shehzad and Mehnaz. It was copied abroad as well but the Pakistani version remains the best!

Pyaar Kay Sawaal Ka – Intekhab – 1978

Asad Amanat Ali Khan also playbacked for Nisar Bazmi in Intekhab and does an amazing job; add Daman-e-Koh to the background and you get a perfect filmi number with Shabnam dazzling in beautiful locations

Ghoongat  Utha Zara Ghoongat Utha – Very Good Duniya, Very Bad Log – 1998

Nisar Bazmi made a comeback to films with Very Good Duniya Very Bad Loag and although the film didn’t do well, all the songs went onto become chartbusters. Here the maestro uses Humera Channa and Shazia Manzoor as playback singers and succeeds, Trust me, you can’t have a more grand song than this!

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