Parizaad – Behind every successful man, there is a woman

Written by Omair Alavi

They say that ‘Love can teach you a whole lot about life’ but in reality, heartbreaks do. Likewise,  Parizaad learnt his lessons the hard way after every heart break. Ahmed Ali Akbar’s portrayal of Parizaad in the drama serial would have been nothing had his heart not been broken repeatedly. His interaction with different women helps him find his personal legend and have taught him lessons that he wouldn’t have learned without meeting them.

Let’s discuss the impact of each girl that came into Parizaad’s life and left an imprint on his heart that aids in self-discovery.

Parizaad falls for a girl-next-door Naheed, who is his student also. He secretly admired her but never let his personal feelings jeopardize their mentor-student relationship. However, one small mistake saw him lose his credibility in the eyes of Naheed’s family. Naheed stays quiet even after knowing the truth and marries the love of her life, leaving Parizaad heartbroken. His love might have been one-sided, but it was pure and true so much so that he chooses to safeguard Naheed’s honor instead of his.

Bubbly Badmash – The one who left him at the last moment

Played by: Saboor Aly

While he was recovering from his first heartbreak, Parizaad met his second love Saima, also known as Bubbly Badmash among her friends and acquaintances. She is a tomboy who finds Parizaad different from other boys and becomes friends with her. Things instantly changes after Parizaad’s friend Ahmed Nasaaz tried to play cupid and convince Bubbly’s parents to get them married. This scares Bubbly and she elopes the night before they were supposed to get married. He nearly lost it after she deserted her, but meets her later when he shifts to Karachi, and was laying low at Guru’s hideout. He still cares for Bubbly Badmash who is now known as Dilawar and wants her to be happy, despite the fact that she made him sad with her hasty exit back in the day.

Lubna – The colleague who taught him a lot about life

Played by: Mashal Khan

Their first meeting was a disaster because Lubna didn’t realize that the person she collided with will go on to become a good friend. So good that she invites him over her place at a party and introduces him to the guests which irks her mother. Soon the third heartbreak happens and Parizaad finds out that Lubna can no longer be in his life since she is a prostitute and have been sold to the highest bidder at a time when all she wanted to do was complete her education. Had he not met Lubna, he might not have sold his poetry to her ‘husband’, and his sister might have been sent back home by her in-laws. Also, without Lubna coming into his life, Parizaad might have remained an introvert; it was her mother who explains him that he lost Lubna because he doesn’t have as much money as her buyer has, thus money is everything which can changes people’s opinion about each other regardless how they look.

Laila Saba – His boss’s double-crossing wife

Played by: Urwa Hocane

It was just the heart that was broken as of yet, after Laila makes her entry into Parizaad’s life it is his trust that gets broken.

Laila is Parizaad’s employer’s wife, and he was supposed to stay with her when she leaves home, however, after she manipulates his feelings for her own gains, she (and her lover) meets a disastrous end. Even when she is caught red-handed by her husband, Parizaad tries to take the blame so that she could live but fails to save her life. His boss appreciates this act of Parizaad and spares his life, and even send him to one of his trusted ex-employees so that he can lay low till things get better.

Saeeda – His caring, always supportive sister

Played by: Kiran Tabeir

Parizaad lost his parents when he was young and was raised by his elder brothers. However, with their own kids growing up, their wives wanted Parizaad to somehow disappear. The only person who didn’t let them succeed was his only sister Saeeda who had the biggest impact on his life. She not only listened to his worries but also unloaded her problems on her kid brother, both before and after marriage. He saved her husband when the police falsely arrested him, gave him the money he needed to resurrect his business, and even went to another city so that he can return as a successful person, and make his sister proud. Without the love he received from his sister, Parizaad might still have been stuck in his brothers’ housegiving tuitions and writing letters for losers like Shoki.

 The viewers are still waiting for Yumna Zaidi’s entry in the play, who is yet to make her appearance. If the teasers are to be believed, she plays a sculptor who casts Parizaad’s face from clay, and if that doesn’t make you excited for the double LSA winner for the Best actress’s entry, nothing would!

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