Interview: Jason Sudeikis: The voice behind Red, in Angry Birds 2

Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Published August 17, 2019

One of the most anticipated flicks of the year The Angry Birds Movie 2 was released in Pakistan this Eidul Azha. Based on the popular video game, the franchise is followed all over the world, and so is its lead voice actor Jason Sudeikis who lends his voice for the angriest of all birds, “Red”.

In Angry Birds The Movie, he is the most detested bird of all because he is always angry but, by the end of the movie, everybody loves him for he emerges as their saviour, their hero.

Young World decided to have a chat with the Hollywood actor who spoke about the film, about his character and what makes the second part more adventurous than the first Angry Birds!

Tell us a little about The Angry Birds Movie 2?

Well, we start off where we left. The birds and the pigs are having a prank war. They are in the middle of that. Red is still a hero. But then all of a sudden, the other side wants a truce. Why?

Because there’s some mysterious third island and they’re sending unidentified flying objects into their realm. And the pigs want to know what’s going on. So they try to pair up with the birds. It bums Red out a little bit. He doesn’t think he’s going to be a hero anymore. But he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. And so now, the two sides are no longer enemies. They’re now frenemies.

What do you love about your character?

What I love about my character, Red, is the fact that he changes from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie. It’s always fun to play that, especially when it’s a message that you believe in. As a person currently on planet Earth, the themes of working together and trying to empathise with your fellow man or bird, I think, are important.

What are the audiences going to love about The Angry Birds Movie 2?

I think audiences will first and foremost love the jokes, a lot of jokes. We’re coming at you a million miles per hour in this sequel. I think also for parents, there’s jokes that aren’t all for kids. There’s some fun stuff.

Can you talk about the characters in this film?

We have all your old friends back. You got me, Red. You got Chuck. You got Bomb. Mighty Eagle is back in the nest. Who else we got? Leonard’s there as well as some new characters. You got Zeta. You got Silver — cute, little, brilliant Silver. And then Garry. He’s British.

Can you talk about the cast in this film?

So I play Red. Playing Chuck, you’ve got the one and only Josh Gad. Playing Bomb is Danny McBride, or Daniel as I call him. Then you got Peter Dinklage as Mighty Eagle. We got Bill Hader as Leonard. Zeta is Leslie Jones. Rachel Bloom plays Silver. Sterling K. Brown plays Garry. Awkwafina plays Courtney and, of course, Tiffany Haddish playing Debbie.

Who is Zeta and how does Red plan on stopping her?

Zeta is a new character for the sequel. She is the matriarch of Eagle Island. She’s sick and tired of how nice Bird Island and Piggy Island are. She wants to wreak havoc over both islands. She wants to make everything exactly the way she feels it should be. But maybe, just maybe, she wants something else. What she wants is some respect. Red has a plan to foil Zeta’s master plan, and that is to break into Eagle Island and then to destroy the super weapon and then leave. You know, you don’t want to be around a super weapon as its being destroyed.

What makes the comedy and tone of the new Angry Birds film unique?

Well, if you were to ask me what makes the tone and the comedy of the new Angry Birds film unique, I would say that it’s made by people who have kids. You’re going to make it fun for parents. And you can’t help but have your kids in mind when you’re making something. I know I had my kids in mind when I was doing it. And so you’re trying to make them laugh through this movie. You’re trying to make them learn something through this movie. And I think parents will enjoy it as much as the kids and vice versa.

What makes you angry?

You know what makes me angry? People that don’t have manners, when they don’t say “Please” or “Thank you”, or hold a door open for someone. They don’t say anything and they don’t acknowledge you.

What makes a hero?

Well, a hero is someone who knows when to take action. A hero is a problem solver who knows what he wants and goes after it. So this is, without a doubt, Red’s movie. A hero is someone who supports their friends and is always loyal until the bitter end. I mean, no spoilers but Red is clearly the hero because without him the whole gang would be lost. Check it out yourself. It’s Red; Red is the hero. Trust me. I would not lie to you [laughs].

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