Happy 76th Birthday Nadeem!

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By: Omair Alavi Pakistan has produced many legendary actors in films but none has had a great career like Mirza Nazeer Baig also known as Nadeem. He has been entertaining audience for the past 50 years and his upcoming film Chain Aaye Na will mark his 50th year in showbiz. On his 76th Birthday, we…

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By: Omair Alavi

Pakistan has produced many legendary actors in films but none has had a great career like Mirza Nazeer Baig also known as Nadeem. He has been entertaining audience for the past 50 years and his upcoming film Chain Aaye Na will mark his 50th year in showbiz. On his 76th Birthday, we pay a tribute to the living legend by listening to the Top 15 singers who lent their voices for him during his illustrious careers.

Ahmed Rushdi – Sun Le O Jaan e Wafa (Sandgil)

Ahmed Rushdi sang the most number of songs on Nadeem between 1967 and 1980; he was the voice for the veteran actor in most of his Black and White films, be it an East Pakistani production or West. This song from Nadeem’s first film in the current Pakistan helped him become a superstar overnight!

Mujeeb Alam – Main Tere Ajnabi Shehr Main (Shama Aur Parwana)

Although Mujeeb Alam couldn’t achieve the greatness of Ahmed Rushdi or Mehdi Hasan, he did make a name for himself as a playback singer during the mid-60s and early 70s. This song from Shama Aur Parwana remains one of his memorable work where music composer Nisar Bazmi gave him more songs than even Ahmed Rushdi.

Masood Rana – Tere Bin Yoon (Aansoo)

Masood Rana was mostly used as the voice of Nadeem when Ahmed Rushdi wasn’t available; he kept playback singing for the actor until 90s. This Nazir Ali composition won the Nigar Award for the best song when it was released.

Mehdi Hasan – Ab Kay Hum Bichden (Angaray)

Mehdi Hasan had sung many classic numbers on Nadeem but none beats this Ahmed Faraz poem that was composed by A. Hameed for this hit flick.

Nadeem – Nadaan Thay Hum Jo Aapki (Mitti Kay Putle)

Nadeem began his career as a singer (on TV) before turning to film acting; in his first film as a producer, he sang this M. Ashraf composition and won the hearts of the leading lady Nisho and his fans.

Alamgir – Hum Chalay To Hamare (Jagir)

Pakistan’s first pop star Alamgir made his entry in films through this song that was composed by Nisar Bazmi at a time when playback singers were avoiding him due to his ‘issues’ with one of the influential people in the industry.

Habib Wali Muhammad – Aaj Janay Ki Zid Na Karo (Badal Aur Bijli)

Habib Wali Muhammad’s vocals, Fayyaz Hashmi’s lyrics and Sohail Rana’s composition combined to give one the best songs of the era that is still popular, relevant and loved by all.

Rajab Ali – Teri Qasam Tere Sar Ki Qasam feat Mehnaz (Zeenat)

Rajab Ali rose to prominence in the 70s as a Mehdi Hasan inspiration and even sang a few songs for Nadeem; this number from Zeenat remains one of his best ones for the veteran.

Ghulam Abbas – Mil Jata Hai Yar (Pakeezah)

Nadeem tried experimenting with his hair style and also with different singers in the mid-70s and his association with Ghulam Abbas began with songs like these. This Nisar Bazmi composition remains popular to this day for its freshness.

A Nayyar – Ji Rahay Hain Hum (Sharmeeli)

Recently departed A. Nayyar once said in an interview that his voice suited Nadeem as they sounded like each other while talking. Nayyar made his debut as Nadeem’s voice and continued to playback for him till the 90s.

Mohammad Ali Shehki – Aaja Aaja (Anmol Mohabbat)

Music director Robin Ghosh was fond of trying TV’s pop singers in films and Mohammad Ali Shehki made his debut in Anmol Mohabbat with this number. He did sing another song for the veteran actor in Deewane Do but his film career couldn’t flourish like his TV one.

Ikhlaq Ahmed – Sona Na Chandi (Bandish)

Ikhlaq was Nadeem’s voice after Ahmed Rushdi’s decline (and death), Mehdi Hasan’s retirement and in A. Nayyar’s absence and he delivered countless hits from 1970s till early-90s for the veteran actor. This Robin Ghosh composition remains his most listened song for his frequent collaborator.

Asad Amanat Ali Khan – Kamsin Ho Tumhein (Zindagi)

Asad didn’t sing much songs in films but this song for Nadeem became quite popular when it came out in the late 70s.

Tehseen Javed – Muskuranay Ko Dil Chahta Hai feat Humera Channa (Ustadon Kay Ustad)

Tehseen Javed was Nadeem’s voice in the latter part of his career and carried on doing playback for the veteran who quit playing leading roles in the early 90s and gave chance to newcomers. This Come September inspiration was a hit when the film was released in 1990!

Anwar Rafi – Tera Mera Pyaar Hai feat Ameer Ali (Panah)

Anwar Rafi became popular after Jeeva although he had been singing for more than a decade; this song from Panah has him lending his voice for Nadeem and is regarded as one of the last songs filmed on the great as a leading man.

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