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Written by Omair Alavi

Omair Alavi|Instep|November 24, 2019

The World According to Batman, by Daniel Wallace, introduces the very basic of readers to the Dark Knight and his battles with the villains of Gotham City.

Everyone is talking about the new Batman film that will go on floors next year. But do you know what Batman is talking about? In The World According to Batman, the Dark Knight talks about the future of Gotham City in general and the world in particular, instructing his son Damian to follow his path, but not after learning the tricks of the trade and the virtues of being a superhero. Yes, Daniel Wallace pens the book as Batman, but the things it teaches us will help us a lot before the new Batman takes over, soon.

The book shouldn’t be taken as a guide to the superhero’s life but as a tutorial for Damian Wayne – the current Robin – so that he can be ready to take on the role in case something happens to his father Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman. Through this book, the readers not just enter the Batcave but also manage to take a sneak peek into the life of their favorite superhero, how he spends his time away from the costume, and what motivates him to go out and defeat the villains of Gotham.

While others would term as a book as a waste of time in this day and age, Batman knows its importance. He knows that it would be a book that would remain with his son if technology takes over; that’s why he pens down all his secrets, the names of his allies, his enemies and his superhero friends here, with their strengths and weaknesses so that Damian knows how to approach them.

These details will help his son meet The Joker from afar because he can use his Acid Squirting Flower and Electric Hand Buzzer only when near; it will also help Damian understand that no matter what, he must listen to Alfred who has been with his father from Day 1 of Crime Fighting.

Filled with visual and textual insights regarding everything in Batman’s world, this book will clear all misconceptions about the superhero who has no superpowers, why he likes to be associated with a bat and who does he trust the most in the world, beside himself. It also details the names and family tree of the Gangs of Gotham as well as his vehicles, his methods of investigation and the battles he lost, and why he thinks he lost them.

I agree there are a lot of books discussing Batman in the market but this one comes with Special Features, like the ones on DVDs. You will find the newspaper clipping of the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, there is Bruce Wayne’s Visiting Card attached somewhere in the book alongside a part of Batman’s mask, his poster and some medical files from Arkham Asylum, detailing the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of patients. Batman also discusses the villains of Gotham City in detail, because he knows that his son will have to deal with them one day.

Then there are the many necessary details for Damian as well as readers out there that can help them in fighting crime (for Damian) in the comic world or diffusing fights (for the readers) in the real world. Details such as ‘how to assemble the facts, ‘how to draw the Bat-Signal’, ‘how to escape from an impossible situation’ and ‘how to use daylight wisely’ are some of the instructions that can be applied anywhere, anytime. Don’t forget to read Batman’s ‘Recommended Work Out Regime’ because, in order to stand tall, one has to give it all, just like Batman!

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